St Kitts and Nevis: Know Saskia Evans, a contestant for National Carnival Queen Pageant

The essence of dance has captivated the soul of Saskia Evans, a riveting 24-year-old woman, brimming with confidence in the art form.

St Kitts and Nevis: Dance is the perfect element of artistic expression! It awakens the most tepid spirit, brightens the darkest corner, and even emboldens the imaginative introvert.

Dance draws you in; rhythmically, magically; unceasingly, capturing the very innocence of a dancer, longing to live boldly outside of her comfort zone.

The essence of dance has captivated the soul of Saskia Evans, a riveting 24-year-old woman, brimming with confidence in the art form that began at church and continued during her formative years at the Charles E. Mills Secondary School. Today, her willingness to embrace the countless opportunities she’s encountered in dance is steadily opening many doors that will allow this once shy dancer to showcase her unwavering love for dance. Her technical and creative growth in dance cannot be disputed. For the past 11 years, Saskia has participated in numerous pageants and dance competitions with a view to sharpen her interpersonal skills, share life’s lessons with others, and become exceptionally well-rounded as a result of these experiences.

Despite her shy demeanor, Saskia has always been a force to be reckoned with. More recently, she has been using her training as a dancer to explore new avenues such as promotional modelling and dancing and is now using her knowledge to nurture artistic expression in our Federation’s youth as a Dance Instructor at Poise SKN. Saskia’s desire to excel is founded on the depth of mutual love, respect and appreciation she shares with her mother; an incredibly devoted woman who has been especially keen in fostering a strong mother-daughter bond. Saskia is enamored by her mom, who gave her best as a single parent without murmur, instead finding meaningful ways to invest in her daughter’s overall personal and professional development.

Saskia aspires to pursue a career in professional dance education at a highly acclaimed dance school abroad. Her role as a youth Ambassador is to encourage others to push beyond boundaries that the world often unfairly dictates.

Saskia’s message to others is to believe that with hard work and determination, absolutely anything is possible. Find the courage to remain committed to your passion and you will be inspired to diligently pursue your goals. Never allow doubt or fear to deny you the opportunity to shine on the world’s stage. Be bold enough to dance your best dance!