St Kitts and Nevis: Know all 8 candidates of PLP contesting elections

The most vibrant, capable and inspiring candidates step forward to lead the nation to a secure and thriving future.” Saturday, June 18, saw PLP, the fastest-growing party in the Caribbean, launch its candidates across all constituencies for the forthcoming elections.

St Kitts and Nevis: The most vibrant, capable and inspiring candidates step forward to lead the nation to a secure and thriving future.” Saturday, June 18, saw PLP, the fastest-growing party in the Caribbean, launch its candidates across all constituencies for the forthcoming elections.

The candidates all possess an impressive breadth and range of experience that will be vital to take the country forward, particularly at a critical point in time where the impact of COVID has created shock waves around the world. Under the sound, wise and stable leadership of Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, St Kitts and Nevis stands head and shoulders above many countries because he expertly navigated the choppy waters of a global crisis and ensured that the Federation remained a stable, vibrant economy; opening its doors when it was safe to do so and more importantly ensuring that the mortality rate was one of the lowest in the world.

This is no mean feat and deserves recognition. This sound wisdom has been deployed in the selection of some of the most vibrant, capable and inspiring candidates, selected to ensure that the country continues to go from strength to strength and is able to realise the ambitions of the Peoples Labour Party to establish a secure future for the people and the nation. Growing the economy, protecting people and creating more jobs lies at the heart of the manifesto, and each candidate has been selected not only for their talents but because they too have been ambitious, have striven and know the importance of genuinely meeting the needs of the people.

Prime Minister Harris said: “The people of St Kitts deserve only the best. They deserve people of integrity to represent them, people who put people first and people who will grow the economy, deliver jobs and create the right environment for people to thrive. I feel proud to note that all of the PLP candidates can be trusted to deliver.”

Know your candidates:

Jacqueline Bryan:

Jacqueline’s parents taught her the significance of supporting her local community, and this is what inspired her to start a reading programme at the Tucker Clarke Primary School. Following this, she also started funding for medical facilities to kids to see a doctor & helping people so that they could afford groceries.

Now Bryan wants to give back and help society in a different way by being the local champion for constituency 1 – to be your voice at the heart of government.

So vote for Jacqueline if you support a secure future for constituency 1 – with a growing economy, safeguarding people and providing more jobs.

Jacqueline contains a plan to deliver this. By providing better sports facilities to keep the young population healthy and away from gangs. More support for businesses to help them create opportunities. And introducing English classes for Spanish speakers. So vote for Jacqueline Bryan, your local PLP candidate for a secure future in Constituency 1.

Nubian Greaux:

Greaux grew up in McKnight & lives locally in constituency 2. He completed his education from abroad & is now running his own electrical engineering business. Due to the support he received, Nubian wanted to give something back & assist in creating a bundle of opportunities for the people of the country. To achieve his vision, he sponsored – St Kitts National Youth Parliament Association. He is also the President of The Garden Hotspurs Football Club & supports the Cardin Home with food basket donations. And now he’s running for constituency #2 because this election is too important to sit out. So if you want a local champion and business owner with a plan to create jobs by providing more skills training and supporting agriculture – vote for Nubian Greaux. He’ll be part of a PLP team led by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, who will deliver a secure future with a growing economy, protection for the people and more jobs.

Akilah Byron-Nisbett: 

Akilah Byron-Nisbett served constituency 3 since 2020 and at present holds the position of the Minister for Health, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment and Talent Development. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she led from the front – delivering 150-200 hot meals every day during lockdown periods. She secured a safe and stable water supply for families in Trinity Heights and increasing capacity at the JNF Hospital. But Akilah knows there’s more to do. So she’s running to finish what she committed to two years ago. Continuing the upgrades of the JNF hospital, renovating rooms at Cardin home, and continuing to provide almost 400 school supplies to students who may require extra assistance. She will be a part of Prime Minister Timothy Harris’ PLP team working to deliver a secure future for St Kitts and Nevis – with a growing economy, protecting the people and more jobs. There’s too much at stake to put this progress at risk. So vote for Akilah Byron-Nisbett for a secure future for constituency 3.

Kendale Liburd:

Kendale Liburd is a native of the constituency 4. Born there only, he went to school here & decided to raise his family here. He is running at this election because he wants to take action for the community which raised him and empower children in our constituency by providing them with a secure future. To achieve this – Kendale has a local plan to do that, based on living his life in the constituency 4. He will work with the Prime Minister Timothy Harris to deliver it. So we can deliver a secure future with a growing economy, protection for the people and more jobs. He will do this by prioritising education so children get the best start in life, creating job opportunities and safer communities by cutting crime. So use your vote to restore 4. Vote PLP. Vote for Kendale Liburd for a secure future.

Stachio Williams:

Williams is a community activist as well as a local business owner who has built two local firms. This has cultivated a huge in the progress country witnessed under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris. It is this experience that inspired Stachio to run for – constituency 5 – because, at this election, there is too much at stake to sit it out. But there is more to do. So William is ready to roll up his sleeves and deliver a secure future for our communities by working through his local action plan. He will kickstart the regeneration of our town to be a major economic hub. He will promote investment in agriculture and fisheries to create more jobs and tackle poverty in Sandy Point with new locally funded social programmes. So vote PLP and continue the progress. Vote for Stachio Williams in constituency 5 for a secure future with a growing economy, protection for the people and more jobs.

Marc Williams: 

Currently, Marc is the Director of St Kitts and Nevis’ Marine Resources, and is also involved in the local fishing community in constituency 6 and plays basketball for Dieppe Bay Lions. So these are his communities, and that’s why he’s standing to be their representative. Because for too long, we’ve been let down by a Labour representative who has failed to deliver. He has a clear plan to build a more secure future for constituency #6 – with more jobs for local people. By developing a skills training centre in St. Paul’s, constructing new fisheries facilities so fishers can sell their produce locally, and renovating local sports facilities. Marc will do this by being part of a strong PLP team led by Prime Minister Timothy Harris. So vote PLP. For a Government and Prime Minister with a plan for a secure future and an active local candidate with the plan and credentials to deliver for constituency 6.

Timothy Harris

Timothy Harris is the Prime Minister and PLP candidate for constituency 7. He has represented Constituency 7 for almost 30 years and has been Prime Minister since the election victory in 2015. Before entering public service, Prime Minister Harris worked in both academia and accountancy. Prime Minister Harris is proud of the progress the country and his constituency has made during the period of his representation and leadership. He has seen with his own eyes the progress that has been made under his strong economic management and effective crime reduction policies. In constituency 7, Prime Minister Harris has delivered the Help A Child Programme, improved housing, a new health centre and a primary school. So vote for Timothy Harris in constituency 7 to deliver a secure future with a growing local economy, protection for our people and more local jobs.

Andrew Talbo Bass

Bass has a track record of serving his – local community, such as – by sponsoring spelling bee competitions for the Deane Glasford Primary, managing St Peters football team, managing the softball cricket league and building two bus stands for the community. Since the age of 21, Bass has built up his own bus firm, which now employs at least 16 people. It is because of this experience that Talbo knows there is too much at stake in this election. That is why he is running in constituency 8. He has a local delivery plan to construct on the progress already made under the guidance of Prime Minister Timothy Harris, with a growing economy, protection for the people & more jobs. Beginning with resurfacing the main road in St Peters, upgrading medical facilities across the constituency and creating more farming opportunities to create jobs. So let’s deliver a secure future. Vote for Talbo Bass in constituency 8.

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