St Kitts and Nevis is ready for reopening in October 2021: SCASPA

As the Federation plans to reopen its borders in October 2021 fully, SCASPA has put steps in place to make sure smooth and secure reopening in a COVID-19 environment.

St Kitts and Nevis: As the Federation plans to reopen its borders in October 2021 fully, the St Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) has put steps in place to make sure the smooth and secure reopening in a COVID-19 environment.

Joseph Wilson, Seaport Manager at SCASPA, arrived on the September 08 edition of ‘Working for You’ where he described several steps that SCASPA proceeds to execute at the seaport to ensure the safety of all.

“One of the tasks that we are doing or have done is the constant training of our staff because it is okay to have our facilities and all up to standard, but not without the human component and their recognition

of how to tackle any problems when they occur,” said Wilson.

Wilson stated that some of the protocols that are being put into place are for pilots and custodial personnel.

“We are currently developing a sanitization centre or area for our pilots and our pilot board crew so that when they exit or depart the vessel they sanitize,” he stated. We have implemented certain protocols that were instituted by the Ministry of Health where our custodial staff do unavoidable cleaning to ensure that our conveniences are in order so that if anything happens, we are complying with what we have to do.”

Moreover, Wilson stated the chipping and representation of the bollards were recently completed and currently, SCASPA is “beginning on its fendering project to renew the fenders that are not in a good position on Pier 1.”

Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) at SCASPA, Tuffida Stewart, announced that many measures had been put in position to ensure the sustainability of the borders preparing for a full reopening.

“Of course, we need to guarantee that our infrastructure is well up to par with international norms. So we have, during the pandemic, finished phase two of the Airport Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project. On September 02 in fact, we developed the Alpha Taxiway – the most comprehensive of the taxiways – and that was done in concrete. It is utilised predominantly for the biggest jets such as British Airways,” stated Stewart. “Before that, we have developed as part of phase two Taxiway Bravo and Charlie. So in matters of the infrastructure reconstruction, those were completed.”

She continued that a brand new light system was installed at the airport.

In 2020, under phase one of the project, the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (RLB) International Airport was retrofitted to help the health and safety protocols set by the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Phase one of the effort included retrofitting the arrivals section and the foundation of sneeze guards everywhere in the airport. A welcome centre consisting of a 50 by 100-foot tent on augmented wood, flooring, and bathroom amenities was built on the arrivals ramp to support in excess of 140 passengers before the medical screening.

A medical center was also built with an isolation unit on the arrivals ramp and is located next to the welcome centre. Phase two concentrated on retrofitting the departure section.


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