St Kitts and Nevis football association launches FIFA Talent Development Scheme

St Kitts and Nevis Football Association will be launching the FIFA Talent Development Scheme (TDS) on Tuesday, 15th January 2024.

FIFA talent development scheme
FIFA talent development scheme

St Kitts and Nevis Football Association will be launching the FIFA Talent Development Scheme (TDS) on Tuesday, 15th January 2024.

Here is the SKNFA TDS Tryouts Schedule (5 pm daily)
(Boys & Girls ages 12-16)
(Rural East)
Location: St.Mary’s Park, Cayon
⁃ Tuesday, 16th January 2024
⁃ Wednesday, 17th January 2024
⁃ Thursday, 18th January 2024
(Rural West)
Location: Samuel Williams Sporting Complex, Verchilds
⁃ Tuesday 23rd January 2024
⁃ Wednesday 24th January 2024
⁃ Thursday 25th January 2024
Location: Nevis Athletic Stadium
⁃ Tuesday 30th January 2024
⁃ Wednesday 31st January 2024
⁃ Thursday 1st February 2024
Location: Warner Park
⁃ Tuesday 6th February 2024
⁃ Wednesday 7th February 2024
⁃ Thursday 8th February 2024

Lenny Taylor, St Kitts and Nevis Football Association’s technical director, explained what will happen on Tuesday.

Lenny Taylor said,” We are beginning on Tuesday. Tuesday is the first day at Cayon and is the opening of the trial period. In the trial period, we are going to look for players who will qualify themselves to come to the national Center, which is the SKNFA technical centre and the ones who are not qualified are not ready for the SKNFA centre, the national academy will go back and continue training.”

The technical director was keen to point out that this programme is intense and will be done in conjunction with the national football academy at the SKNFA Technical Centre.

Lenny Taylor added by saying, “If they make it, they will begin training at the technical centre immediately. The first location begins at Cayon. There, we will do the first three days of search on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The following week, we will go to Old Road, where we will repeat the same thing. The next week we will go to Nevis, and we will do our search again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The final search will be done in Basseterre, where we will go again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The players who are selected will come to the national centre here and continue working. It’s a continuous process. They have to continue showing that they are ready for the national academy. The other centres are in Cayon, Old Road, Nevis and Basseterre; Players will go there and continue training. If they raise their level, then they are coming into the centre.”

Registrations have gone well for both boys and girls, and we are looking towards Tuesday’s launch. The main goal of the TDS is to help raise the standards of National team football around the world for men and women driven by desire and long-term dedication to global talent Development