St Kitts and Nevis enhances CBI standards reinforcing quality over quantity

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Scott Johnson

Basseterre, St Kitts: In a significant shift towards prioritizing quality over quantity, the Government of St Kitts and Nevis remains committed to further refining its popular Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme.

The move represents a strategic departure from the previous approach that targeted maximizing the number of applications. Now the focus is aimed at attracting a select cohort of investors who can contribute significantly to the country’s development and safeguard the country’s reputation.

The Government intends to maintain their reputation as the “platinum standard” of the CBI industry by attracting only a select group of investors and maintaining its stringent vetting standards.

The decision underscores their commitment to ensuring that each application is given the utmost scrutiny and attention, elevating the status of their citizenship while maintaining the programme’s integrity and world-class reputation.

In light of the Government’s stance, citizenships granted under the Real Estate or Alternative Investment Option will be in accordance with the actual value of the project invested in by the economic citizenship investor.

This revision comes after the controversy during former Prime Minister Timothy Harris’s administration, where an international developer was implicated in a scandal concerning the excessive acquisition of citizenships, surpassing the actual cost of the development project. The incident led to an international backlash and shone a spotlight on the need for stricter regulatory checks and balances within the CBI Programme.

Current Prime Minister, Dr Terrance Drew, seems keen on learning from the past and fortifying the system against any future misuse. His administration is rigorously guarding the integrity of the CBI Programme, as demonstrated by these adjustments.

Dr Terrance Drew – Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis

The updated measures will strengthen St Kitts and Nevis’s position internationally and reassure potential investors and the international community that the programme is managed with the utmost diligence, transparency, and fairness.

As part of the new regulations, all projects will be developed under a stringent escrow arrangement, a crucial safety measure for both the investor and the nation. The escrow agreement dictates that a trusted third party will hold the funds from investors until the completion of agreed project milestones.

This move ensures the developer fulfils their obligations and delivers the project as promised. The use of an escrow arrangement enhances investor protection, provides accountability and reinforces the transparency of the process.

This critical arrangement underscores St Kitts and Nevis government’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in its CBI Programme and fostering an environment of trust and reliability for its potential investors.

The newly appointed CBI Board of Governors have shown a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the integrity and reputation of St Kitts and Nevis’s CBI Programme. This uncompromising approach has been widely appreciated, with many industry agents lauding Prime Minister Dr Drew for his efforts in enforcing transparency and maintaining the programme’s high standards.

The Board of Governors, responsible for vetting and approving projects under the Real Estate Option and the Public Benefit Option, have been vocal in their commitment to ensure that developers under these two options are granted shares that are commensurate with the actual value of the project, and not some over-inflated assessment that is much greater than the real value to develop the project. The Board of Governors are adamant that number of shares attributed to a project is reasonably in line with the valuation of the project. The Board are ensuring that the country’s beneficiaries, the economic citizens, and the developers all benefit fairly.

Furthermore, the actions have been received positively within the nation, with many residents voicing their approval of the Government’s diligent and strategic measures. These commendations reflect a collective recognition of the value and importance of the CBI Programme and the critical role it plays in the economic and social development of St Kitts and Nevis.

In contrast, some neighbouring Caribbean islands are reportedly introducing new initiatives to their CBI Programmes by significantly reducing investment thresholds to increase the volume of applications at any cost to the country. These new measures are drawing criticism from some quarters, with concerns raised that such initiatives could dilute the value and prestige of these programmes and the citizenship conferred on the investor.

Critics argue that this dramatic cost reduction risks lowering the overall standard of the CBI programmes in the region and may compromise the integrity and credibility of citizenship by investment, creating a situation where short-term financial gains could undermine the long-term value of the citizenship.

Michael Martin, Head of CBIU St Kitts and Nevis

In this new era of the CBI administration under Michael Martin, the rigorous measures and stringent selection process employed by St Kitts and Nevis have set a benchmark for citizenship by investment programmes worldwide. The country’s dedication to maintaining a balance between economic growth and preserving the integrity of its citizenship is shaping its reputation on the global platform.

It will be interesting to observe how these progressive reforms continue to elevate the island nation’s CBI programme and contribute to its socio-economic development in the coming years. As the scenario unfolds, it is anticipated that the CBI Programme will focus its contributions to infrastructure, healthcare, education, and other vital sectors, reinforcing its transformative role within the country.

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