Snap Elections: Liberals again get minority govt in Canada

Snap Elections: Liberals again get minority govt in Canada
Snap Elections: Liberals again get minority govt in Canada

The citizens of Canada again takes the liberals toward the victory in parliamentary elections. The elections were held on Monday, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts went in vain in gaining the majority but again failed this time.

PM Trudeau channelised the star power of his father, the famous liberal face, late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, as he won his first parliamentary elections in 2015. Till now, Justin Trudeau has led his party to many victories in two elections till present.

Liberals during this elections were leading in 156 seats. One seat less than they won in 2019, and 14 short of the 170 needed for a majority in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives were winning on 121 seats, simmilar number of seats they won during election in 2019. The leftist New Democrats were leading or elected in 27, a gain of three seats, while the Quebec-based Bloc Québécois continued consistent with 32 seats and the Greens were dropping to two.

Daniel Béland, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal said, “Trudeau lost his gamble to get a majority, so I would say this is a bittersweet victory for him. Basically, we are back to square one, as the new minority parliament will look like the previous one. Trudeau and the Liberals saved their skin and will stay in power. Still, many Canadians who didn’t want this late summer pandemic election are probably not amused about the whole situation.”

Trudeau said Canadians did not want a Conservative government during a pandemic. Canada is listed among the most fully vaccinated countries globally, and Trudeau’s government paid hundreds of billions of dollars to lift up the economy during lockdowns.

Trudeau claimed that the Conservatives’ approach, which has been skeptical of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, would be dangerous and says Canadians need a government that follows science.