SLP leader Phillip raises concern over St Lucia law and order

St Lucia: The Saint Lucia Labour Party head Phillip J. Pierre raised questions against the worst law and order of Saint Lucia under PM Allen Chastanet.

In an official statement, Pierre said,” Crime has become far too familiar and is at an all-time high in our beloved country. It seems that we have grown desensitized to the trauma and human pain of criminality, particularly to a crime against our women.”

He added,” This morning, I was horrified, pained by images of a dead body of a woman circulating over social media. Whereas I understand the need for information, as a people, we are better than this. Our police are stretched; let’s cooperate with them in sharing relevant information that may help to solve the crime.”

Phillip J. Pierre further noted,” My condolences go out to the family and friends of this victim, and I hope that our system reaches the point where we can deal with the perpetrators of these horrendous acts.”

He pointed out,” Saint Lucians, I know that tensions are high and frustrations are endless but let us pause, find time to exhale. Together we can triumph through the many crises that confront us. Trust that help is on the way.”

Currently, St Lucia is facing triple problems; Island is fighting with the COVID-19 issues and dengue. 

Despite that country is in a catastrophic situation with the crimes. 

Almost, daily a small beautiful Island is witnessing new deaths of innocent people due to the Chasteant government’s failure. 

“Well said, Political Leader, we all have to take a pause and think of our lives and how we should care for each other all lives matter, whether male or female, and we should respect each other and see each other as brothers and sisters under one God happy Sunday to all.” Said Bakie, a resident of St Lucia. 

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