Six to compete for Miss Teen Dominica 2024 crown on Feb 4th

The Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company is presenting the Miss Teen Dominica Pageant 2024 on 4th February 2024, know details

Miss Teen Dominica Pageant 2024
Miss Teen Dominica Pageant 2024

The Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company is presenting the Miss Teen Dominica Pageant 2024 on Sunday , 4th February 2024 at 5 PM at the Stadium Forecourt.

The theme of Miss teen Dominica Pageant for 2024 is “Inspiring our youth by fostering Love, peace and Unity”. The event will witness exciting guest artists including popular singers and dancers.

The price of tickets for the event is $50 for sitting, $30 for Adults Standings and $20 for children standing. The ticket outlets are DEPEX and Bullseye Pharmacy.

The launch of the pageant took place on Wednesday, 3rd january 2024 where the 6 young contestants were introduced.

6 young girls are going to participate in this event to win the crown.

Nyanna stevens is contestant number 1 from North East comprehensive school. She is 15 years old. The main sponsors are QRP Plumbing and contracting ltd. Other sponsors are Marigot Cooperative credit union, Tiana’s accessories, and its all about me Boutique.

Gishana Grehoire is the second contestant from Pierre Charles Secondary school. She is 15 years old. The main sponsor is Bull’s eye pharmacy. Other sponsors include Grand bay Cooperative credit union, Golden Transformation , T&K’s Beauty salon, OSHE, Bishanna’s beauty salon, Hair Me Out , Island Stage Environment, Pierre Charles Secondary school and Dr. Vince Henderson.

Shernia Esprit is the third contestant from Castle Bruce secondary school. She is 16 years old.  The main sponsor is ACS Maribel. Other sponsors include Del Decors rentals & services, Castle Bruce Secondary school, Glam Up By Nini, vernilia Nation, Khadijah Moore, and RRJ Quality Construction & Auto Masters

Renia Joseph is the 4th contestant from Portsmouth Secondary school . She is 16 years old. the main sponsor is P.H. Williams Group Of Companies. Other sponsors include D Blush Copy centre, Deels beauty salon, Riverside Hotel and Restaurant, Unique beats , LW Consulting services and D Kweh Spot.

Lizanne cuffy is the 5th contestant from Convent High school. She is 15 years old . The main sponsor is Signal Band . Other sponsors include Sweet Novelties, HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd, CHS Foundations, Filtr Aesthetics, Jays faces and Lovelee Things.

16 years old, Sherkhia Andrew is the sixth contestant from Dominica Grammar School.  Main sponsor include NET4ALL Powered by NTRC. Other sponsors include Triple Kay International, secretly Dominican, Jojo’s Styles, Rapid Response Recovery, get nailed, Visuals Jerns, New West Bridge Bar & Grill, and Dominica Grammar School.

Last year , Kenisha Antoine of Castle Bruce Secondary School was announced as the winner of the 2023 Miss Teen Dominica Pageant.