Shooting attack leaves three dead, four injured in Frome village, Jamaica

Seven individuals became victims of shooting among whom three lost their lives in Frome, Westmoreland, on Wednesday, 28 February.

Three men, one woman held with illegal weapon in Montego Bay. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Three men, one woman held with illegal weapon in Montego Bay. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Jamaica: Seven individuals became the victims of the shooting among whom three lost their lives in the fatal attack and four got injured at a bar in the Frome village in Westmoreland, a parish in the southwestern part of Jamaica, on Wednesday, 28 February, around 12:50 am.

The deceased victims of the fatal shooting attack in Frome village are identified by their names of Everol Rowe, Andre McDonald, and Kemar Smith who all were residents of Westmoreland parish.


The victim, Everol Rowe was a shop owner and broom maker who lived in Frome village. Another victim, Andre McDonald lived at Gully Banks, and Kemar Smith, commonly known as Beenie Bud, both lived in Savanna-la-mar town of Westmoreland.

As per the reports, the incident of the Frome fatal shooting attack on the victim took place on the day at nearly 12:50 am while the victims were at the bar in the locality. At the time, a motor vehicle which was a Toyota Axio car of white color went on the location.

The motor vehicle was occupied by the two individuals who were armed with firearms. The two suspects left the vehicle and approached the people at the bar. Suddenly, the suspects launched an open fire at the people at the location.

After observing the unexpected shooting attack, the people started scattering and running to save their lives. After the shooting, seven individuals were reported to be affected by the attack, among whom three eventually lost their lives. The suspects immediately fled from the place of crime after the shooting attack.

The incident of the shooting attack on the victims in Frome was informed to the police department. In response to the report, the police officers from the local police station took initial charge and went to the shooting site.

After arriving at the crime scene, the police officers confirmed the report of the fatal shooting attack and took the place of the incident under control for the early investigation to collect the potential evidence and clues against the suspects.


The victims of the shooting attack who were bleeding from their wounds from the gunshots were transferred to the Savanna-la-mar Public General Hospital under medical observation for treatment.

After all the efforts of the medical staff three victims, Rowe, McDonald, and Smith were not able to survive and were officially declared dead. Meanwhile, the other four injured victims were treated and reported to be in stable condition.

The police officers are conducting the investigation and inquiries into the case to trace the suspects involved in the crime. Meanwhile, the people of the nation and the residents of the communities around Frome hope for the betterment of the victims and their families.