Shaquille Hudson to appear in Saint Andrew court for murder

27-year-old music producer, Shaquille Hudson, to appear Saint Andrew Court for 2021 murder case on 22 February.

Two wanted men booked in San Juan robbery case. Image Credit: Facebook, South African Police Service
Two wanted men booked in San Juan robbery case. Image Credit: Facebook, South African Police Service

Jamaica: A 27-year-old man, who is a music producer and identified with the name of Shaquille Hudson, will be taken for an appearance in the Kingston and Saint Andrew Parish Court in the case of murder by shooting in 2021 and other offenses. The hearing will be on Thursday, 22 February.
The suspect, Shaquille Hudson, was arrested by the police department from the Norman Manley International Airport while he was allegedly trying to escape the island nation on Tuesday, 6 February.

Shaquille Hudson was arrested and charged by the police officers in the case of murder by shooting in Saint Andrew, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica, on Wednesday, 29 December 2021, around 11:30 am. The victim of the murder was a 23-year-old man, who was identified with the name of Troy Beckford.

The suspect, Shaquille Hudson, was charged with the related offenses of shooting and murder. He was also charged with the offenses of possessing an illegal firearm and possession of ammunition without any permission.

As per the reports, the incident of shooting in Saint Andrew which caused a death happened on the day after an argument erupted between the victim and the suspect, Shaquille Hudson, while they were at a business establishment at nearly 11:30 am.

It is mentioned that the argument between both got heated up and turned into a physical confrontation which eventually led to the crime. The confrontation went out of hand and the suspect Hudson pulled a firearm that he was carrying and armed himself.

Reportedly, Hudson pointed the firearm in the direction of the victim and fired a shot at him which took the life of Beckford. Straight after the shooting, the suspect fled from the place of the crime.

The incident of the shooting was informed to the police department in response to which the officers from the local police department went to the shooting site. After visiting the crime scene, the police officers confirmed the report of a shooting and took the area under control to start the early investigation.
The police department was conducting the investigation and inquiries about the case to trace the suspect involved in the crime. After years, the police department was able to find the culprit of the murder by shooting in Saint Andrew and arrested Shaquille Hudson.

The people of the nation and the local residents of the community around Saint Andrew are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the arrest and appearance of music producer, Shaquille Hudson, in the case of murder in 2021.

People are saying, “People do not understand that once you are listed as wanted, a stop order is placed for you at all ports. And until you are found and removed from that list, that stop notice remains. So even after several years, to attempt to leave the island thinking that all is clear is silly.”
People also said, “So if he never tried to leave the island he would not have been caught….he was just going about his business unrecognised for 3 years? Jamaica not a real place at all.”