San Juan shooting: Unidentified man becomes fifth murder victim

Fifth murder observed in San Juan after recovery of dead body of a man who became the victim of the fatal shooting on 29 February.

Sangre Grande man escaped shooting attack with injury. Image Credit: Facebook, The New Vision
Sangre Grande man escaped shooting attack with injury. Image Credit: Facebook, The New Vision

Trinidad and Tobago: The fifth murder observed in the region of San Juan, a town in the northwestern part of Trinidad, after the recovery of the dead body of a man who became the victim of the fatal shooting attack in the neighbourhood of Sunshine Avenue on the night of Thursday, 29 February, around 10:00 pm.

The deceased victim has not been identified by the police for now. As per the reports, the incident of the murder in the San Juan fatal shooting attack on the victim took place on the day at nearly 10:00 pm while the man was out in the locality of Sunshine Avenue.

While the unidentified deceased victim was out on the roadway, the unknown suspects went to the place and approached the victim man. The suspects were armed with firearms.

Suddenly, the unknown assailants pointed the gun in the direction of the victim and opened the shooting attack on him, the intention of the suspects to attack clearly to kill him. Anyhow, the motivation behind the attack still needs to be known.

It is mentioned that the incident of murder in the fatal shooting attack of San Juan was first noticed by the locals of the Sunshine Avenue neighbourhood. Reportedly, during the time of the attack, the residents of the area heard loud sounds of explosions multiple times which raised their concern.

The local people came out on the roadway to find the source of the explosions and the reason behind them. After the search, the residents found the victim on the roadway who was bleeding from his gunshot wounds.

The reports were immediately made by the residents to the police department about the shooting incident in San Juan. The officers from the North Eastern Division and the Homicide Bureau took the initial charge in response to the report and went to the crime scene.

The police officers confirmed the report of the shooting incident after arriving at the crime scene and straight after taking the area under their control. The police officers started the investigation to collect the potential evidence and clues against the suspect from the scene.

The police officers also summoned the designated medical officers at the shooting site for the examination of the body. After the arrival, the designated medical officers shared their observations with the police officers after the examination of the body.

The victim was not able to survive and was declared dead officially at the crime scene. Eventually, the order was given by the police officers to remove the dead body from the shooting site.

A team of police officers is conducting the investigation and inquiries into the case of murder in San Juan. The police officers are tracing the suspects involved in the crime with the help of collected clues.

This murder is the fifth case recorded in San Juan this month only among which two are just in the week. The last murder was recorded in San Juan on Tuesday, 27 February. In that case, the victim, Ayinde Aaron also called Meat was shot dead along Prizgar Road.