Saint Lucia Semi-professional football league to kick off on 3rd march 2024

Saint Lucia Semi-professional football league officially launched on 26th January 2024 and is set to kick off on 3rd march 2024

Semi pro Football League, Saint Lucia
Semi pro Football League, Saint Lucia

The Semi–professional football league is set to kick off on 3rd March 2024. Saint Lucia Semi-professional Football League had its official launch on Friday evening, 26th January 2024, giving the realisation of a concept aimed at bringing the sport of football to a critical new level in Saint Lucia.

The government of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Football Association, came together to set up SPFL. Leveraging football to transform lives was a common threat.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Mary Wilfred welcomed the new entity and emphasized the significance of the launch.

She said this launch marks a significant development in the sports community, specifically in the discipline of football. As a nation, we have dreamt of many possibilities that sports can bring to players, coaches, and administrators, among others. This evening, we have awakened from one of our dreams and marked a historic shift in sports, signalling the maturing of an independent nation. Ladies and gentlemen, commit to salute those who have debated, discussed, and conceptualised, even those who have lost faith in the present day, to witness this evening.

Minister of Youth Development and Sports Kenson Casimir announced that the government of St Lucia allocated an initial capital of 1.3 million dollars for the league’s establishment.

He said that the govt of Saint Lucia remains committed to providing the necessary support to the sports fraternity, especially the national governing bodies. One of the main policies in relation to the development of youth sports is to increase participation and economic activity, particularly in disadvantaged communities. We believe that sports can make a significant contribution to our society for both individuals and indeed communities. I’m thrilled to see the manifestation of this competition and witness the first hand tremendous impact and progress it will make in all our communities.

Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Youth Economy Philip J Pierre disclosed that a lot of cabinet hours went into the discussion in the formation of the league, which was a reflection of the government’s passion for the transformation of the lives of the saint Lucians

He said what we want is the holistic development of the people of Saint Lucia. And most important thing to me is transforming lives because you know we need to change the lives of the people of this country by any means necessary and this means must be positive in sports and football is by what we can do that. This is why, in spite of what people think , and criticism, the government has and will continue to invest a substantial amount in the youth of Saint Lucia. We created the youth economy, where, for the first time, a government is directly investing millions of dollars in economic empowerment of young people.