‘Saint Lucia Labour Party’ extends warm congratulations to Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon

Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon
Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon

St Lucia: The Saint Lucia Labour Party extends warm congratulations to Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon, who has been elected as the next President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). As the second Saint Lucian, after the founding President, Sir Arthur Lewis, to be chosen for this position, he has brought further recognition to himself and honor to his country. 

Political Leader, Hon. Philip J. Pierre said, “I am pleased to learn of the appointment of Dr. Leon, who has distinguished himself as an outstanding son of Saint Lucia. His knowledge and expertise have served several countries across the Caribbean and in other regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. I wish him well as he continues his service towards the development of our region”. 

Dr. Leon’s appointment will take effect from May 1st, at the Barbados-based financial institution.

PM Allen Chastanet also congratulates Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon; he said, “This relationship must take cognizance of their peculiar position as small States and must demonstrate a keen sensitivity to their concerns. Moreover, borrowing and non-borrowing Members alike are currently confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the ongoing threat posed by climate change. These challenges demand the most creative, most effective, real-time responses, developed in an atmosphere of cooperation, consultation, and concerted action. “

He added, “We certainly much look forward to working with him on the development agenda for the region. I invite all Saint Lucians and OECS citizens to join me in extending congratulations to Dr. Leon.”

A resident of St Lucia also Congratulates Dr. Hygnius ‘Gene’ Leon; Marie said, “Looking forward to his success in this high office. Knowing how he took his education seriously and his days as a Cadet member At VFSS, I believe he will rise to execute his responsibilities with excellence.”

Sharon added,” Dr.Leon, Welcome to pretty St Lucia; looking forward to seeing you accomplish great things not only in St Lucia but the entire Caribbean, God blessings.

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