Saint Lucia: Know wellness tips and practitioners from expert Candy Nicholas 

Wellness Expert Candy Lifestyles with Candy Nicholas outlined some wellness tips and advice for the people of Saint Lucia. 

Saint Lucia: Know wellness tips and practitioners from expert Candy Nicholas
Saint Lucia: Know wellness tips and practitioners from expert Candy Nicholas

Castries, Saint Lucia: Wellness Expert Candy Lifestyles with Candy Nicholas outlined some wellness tips and advice for the people of Saint Lucia. 

Firstly, she would like to introduce two of the traditional holiday drinks of Saint Lucia, which also pack a powerful health kick. 

  • Sorrel is a drink made from flowers from the hibiscus family. This antioxidant-packed drink is a Saint Lucian favourite and made by boiling and soaking the flowers with a selection of herbs and spices including ginger, cloves, star anise, etc. The health benefits of sorrel have been well documented with people reporting weight loss, blood pressure regulation, good vision, fever relief, and constipation relief. The fermentation process also makes it a powerful probiotic drink.
  • Ginger beer is another seasonal favourite that has been shown to be great for heart and bone health, digestion, cancer, and many other ailments. The addition of other spices and the fermentation process also serves to up its benefits. 

She further outlined the alternative wellness practitioners on Saint Lucia and stated: 

I’m Candy Lifestyles with Candy Nicholas, your guest wellness expert, and it gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to some of our amazing alternative wellness practitioners on the island. Whether you’re staying at a resort or at a private accommodation, they’re available to add wellness and balance to your holiday. 

  •  Dr. Ina Joseph from Balancelife Acupuncture Clinic @acupuncture758 (IG) is an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who offers a range of treatments including acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage, and lifestyle guidance based on these age-old principles.
  •  Dr. Mahalingam Lakshmanan from Ojas Spa and Wellness Saint Lucia offers authentic ayurvedic treatments which range from herbal body treatments to guided meditations, breath work, and yoga.
  •  If you’re looking for authentic Thai massage, Saint Lucian therapist Alana Belas from Tranquil Escape Day Spa @tranquilescape_dayspa (IG) spent some time in Thailand honing her craft. She takes a holistic approach to her treatments which creates the best outcome for her clients.

Candy Nicholas further gave some shopping ideas:

  • Caribbean Blue Naturals is a natural line of supplements and body care products formulated by Saint Lucia-based naturopaths. They are behind many of the signature spa lines at various hotels. Even famous tennis player Venus Williams sang the praises of their Tea Tree Grape seed Facial Cleanser, noting how helpful it had been for clearing her skin
  • Patricia Lee Products create the most amazing and effective pure body oils, and butters that smell absolutely divine and are healing for your skin. If you’re also into the healing power of crystals, they use authentic Saint Lucian crystals to create boho chic jewelry as well.
  • Eden Herbs is a line of herbal products including supplements and skincare, formulated by a medical doctor and herbalist. 

Candy Lifestyles with Candy Nicholas about the traditional remedies locals have used over the years. Here are a couple of ways:

  • Indigenous Medicine or what is known colloquially as “Bush Medicine”. It is not unusual, even with the advent of modern medicine for herbs and roots to be gathered and a decoction made to address illnesses of every kind. Our bush medicine traditions have been passed down for many generations. Science has actually caught up to its efficacy, with many known traditional medicines being packaged and sold at big-name health food stores.
  • Rubbing” is another Saint Lucian tradition that involves going to a well-known practitioner in the towns or villages to “panse” or be rubbed down with a concoction of herbs, essential oils, and other products. It’s a special combination of body manipulation and energy healing. We swear by it because we believe it works – tries Philos Saint Lucia on your visit. 

Candy Nicholas Lifestyles with Candy Nicholas stated that people will explore some of the amazing possibilities that exist for the perfect wellness retreat on the island. If a wellness retreat is on your bucket list, Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for that! Here are some examples of incredible retreats recently held here:

  • When she’s not whipping up tasty and healthy meals for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Food Alchemist Chef Ameera is hosting her Elevate Your Vibration retreats here. Her participants are not only treated to culinary delights but workshops on spirituality, energy healing, and activations whilst taking in the island’s healing through nature walks and mineral baths.
  • Stonefield Villa Resort in the town of Soufriere has been the location for many world-class retreats and with good reason. The stunning views of Petit Piton, their wellness program, healthy menus, and 4000 square foot event space make it a perfect spot to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.