Saint Andrew: 26-year-old man dies in shooting, one injured

26-year-old man lost his life in fatal shooting in the parking of a Corporate Area nightclub in Saint Andrew on 24 February.

Penal: 26-year-old man died in fatal shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force
Penal: 26-year-old man died in fatal shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force

Jamaica: A 26-year-old man lost his life in a fatal shooting attack by two suspects in the parking of a Corporate Area nightclub along Constant Spring Road in Saint Andrew, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica, on Saturday, 24 February, around 2:30 am. One 76-year-old man became the victim of the shooting and got injured.

The deceased victim of the fatal shooting attack in Saint Andrew is identified with the name of Kashawn Young, who lived at Hope Avenue in Land Settlement in Manchester, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica.


As per the reports, the incident of the Saint Andrew fatal shooting attack on the victim took place on the day while the man was at the parking of the nightclub at nearly 2:30 am when the suspects went to the place and approached him.

It is mentioned that the victim man just parked his motor vehicle outside the club when suddenly two individuals approached him with aggression. The two men were armed with firearms with which they launched an attack on the victim.

Reportedly, after observing the sudden shooting attack on himself, the victim attempted to escape from the place to save his life. The suspects chased the victim and shot him multiple times with a clear intention to kill him.

It is said that in the shooting attack on the victim, a senior citizen of seventy-six age also became the victim and got injured. The suspect immediately left the place of crime after the attack on the deceased victim.

The incident of shooting the victims in Saint Andrew parish was reported to the police department. In response to the report, the police officers from the local police station took charge and went to the place of the crime.

After arriving at the place of the shooting, the police officers confirmed the report and took the area under control to start the early investigation.


The victims of the shooting, who were bleeding from their wounds from gunshots were instantly taken to the hospital under medical observation for treatment. After all the efforts of the medical staff, the victim, Kashawn Young, was not able to survive and was pronounced dead officially. Meanwhile, the other victim was treated and said to be in stable condition.

The officers from the police department are conducting the investigation and inquiries in the case to trace the suspect with the help of collecting clues and evidence that can lead them to find and arrest the involved culprits.

The local people of the communities around the nation and the residents of Saint Andrew are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the incident of shooting in which one senior citizen got injured and another lost his life.

People are saying, “On one side we can ask what the hell that man was doing outside so late. And that too in a country like Jamaica where crime is common. And anyway what that old man was doing there? Like why. On the other side, people are right, why do they want to live in barriers? Society must be free to enjoy for everyone whenever they want. Till when we can live in fear of criminals. This is what they want. Government needs to take real actions to solve these problems.”