Renako Pierre dies in San Fernando shooting

Renako Pierre, lost his life in a shooting on his vehicle at Le Gendre and Funrose Streets, off Coffee Street in San Fernando, on Monday.

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Trinidad and Tobago: A 30-year-old man, Renako Pierre, lost his life in a shooting on his vehicle at the corner of Le Gendre and Funrose Streets, off Coffee Street in San Fernando, on Monday, 15 January, around 2:00 pm. He lost his female partner in a prior attack.

The victim of the shooting is identified with the name of Renako Pierre, who lived at Rushworth Street in San Fernando, a city in the western part of Trinidad.

The victim was attacked a few months ago, on Saturday, 16 September 2023, in which his girlfriend lost her life in a shooting around 6:20 pm at Point Lisas Boulevard in Couva, a town in west-central Trinidad. Her 8-year-old son was also injured in the shooting.

His victim girlfriend was identified as a 45-year-old woman named Denise Mendoza, who lived at Coconut Boulevard in the Pleasantville region of San Fernando.

As per the reports on the recent shooting incident, the victim, Renako Pierre, was travelling along Dottin Street in his black Toyota Aqua car at nearly 2:00 pm when, unexpectedly, another vehicle started following him.

The unknown assailants sitting in another vehicle suddenly started shooting at the moving car of Renako Pierre. Due to the sudden attack, the victim, Renako Pierre, lost control of the vehicle and crashed at the corner of Fonrose and June Streets.

The unknown assailants kept on shooting Renako Pierre, hitting him multiple times, eventually leading to his death and, straight after, leaving the shooting place in San Fernando.

The incident of shooting in San Fernando on the victim, Renako Pierre, was reported to the police department by the people passing by. In response, the police officers from the local police station took the charge and went to the shooting site.

After visiting the shooting site, police officers confirmed the report and took the area under control to start with early investigations. On the shooting site, officers found the body of Renako Pierre, who was bleeding from the gunshot wounds.

In search of the place, police officers recovered the 32 spent shells of the bullets which were fired at the victim.

As per the reports on the previous attack on the victim, Renako Pierre was travelling with his girlfriend and her child in his white Toyota fielder car along Lisas Boulevard at nearly 6:20 pm.

Similarly, at that time also, a vehicle started following them and pulled up alongside their car. Unexpectedly, some unknown assailants came out of the vehicle and started shooting at the victims with clear intent to kill them. Straight after shooting all three victims in the car, the assailants fled from the place.

People around the area noticed the incident and immediately reported it to the police department, in response to which a team of officers took charge under the guidance of PC Flemming.

The victims were immediately transferred to the Couva District Health Facility for medical treatment. After all the efforts of the medical staff, Denise was not able to survive and was officially declared dead.

The 8-year-old son of Denise was treated for a gunshot wound on his back, and Renako Pierre also survived and was treated for multiple wounds on his body.

Later, both survived victims of the shooting were transferred to San Fernando General Hospital for further procedure.

People of the communities around San Fernando, after knowing about the shooting of the victim, Renako Pierre, got worried about the safety and security measures of the region.

People are saying, “This again and again happening crimes in the nation is not what we want. What is our police doing? I always look at other nations that seem so good. We need better management for our safety. We can’t live like this always in fear.”

People also said, “Who is this man? Why was someone so dedicated to killing him? What he did. There is surely something wrong. If he was just an ordinary man, then we should be worried as normal people are in more danger.”

People are also assuming the relations of the victims are with criminals and gangs, and maybe this shooting was part of personal rivalry or anything like that.

The police officers are actively conducting inquiries and investigations to find clues which can lead to the suspects as they are still out in the open.

People are hoping for the betterment of the child who lost his mother and is also demanding a quick resolution of the case from the police department.