Remain fit with the the new motivational song ‘FitBeat’

'Beat Saber' now has an official song designed to keep you fit

In this phase of quarantine, you won’t find a more ideal option for exercise in VR than Beat Saber. You can do all the exercises like frantic arm-waving, dodges, crouches, and many more. Subsequently, Beat Games are here to assist you while you perform your exercise activities. 

The song and the person behind it

Recently, Jaroslav Beck releases a song called ‘FitBeat’. This song is free for all. And, it is specifically designed to motivate you during the workout sessions. Jaroslav is Beat Saber’s former CEO and is currently into producing music and background scores in the field of gaming. 

The music

The music you’ll hear is a bit similar to the brand of EDM that’s quite usual in various games. But this song will inevitably boost your movement of different muscles in your bodies, along with the usual reflex exercises. 

Availability of the song

You will find the track on PlayStation VR, Oculus (of course), and Steam. Further, it also works in 360-degree modes and One Saber, along with the usual gameplay of two-saber. 

The song won’t replace your entire routine for exercise. But it’s surely going to help while you are from the gym and in the phase of quarantine.