Questions arises on Grenada’s Wallace Fountain disappearance

Wallace Fountain of Grenada. Image Credit: Facebook, Alliance Française de la Grenade
Wallace Fountain of Grenada. Image Credit: Facebook, Alliance Française de la Grenade

Grenada: The historic Wallace Fountain of Grenada was removed during the process of renovation in the early months of the year 2022 from its known location of Alliance Francaise.

The fountain stayed at Market Square for the most part of the 1900s and, till now, presents the historical beauty of the nation.

After the work renovation was done, the Wallace Fountain was carefully restored in the same place of Market Square as it was always in the past.

However, after a few times, normal people around started wondering about where is the real piece of history went as no one was able to see the fountain after the work done.

Many stories started flowing in the neighbourhood due to the unclear answers on the current location of the historical fountain and where it disappeared from its original home in Market Square.

Multiple questions are raised over the decision of authorities and the reasons behind keeping it away from people’s eyes and from its traditional place.

Early this year, some statements came out in public by the Grenada Tourism Authority that Wallace Fountain had been placed in storage by the authority, but there is no official confirmation of this information.

The curiosity among the people of Grenada and visitors is high due to the absence of the historic Fountain from public view with which sentiments of everybody are attached as it represents the community and its history.

Grenada gives great importance to the preservation of its culture and heritage like many countries around the world. That is why the Wallace Fountain is not just a piece of art but a symbol of national history and the identity of the commons.

Transparency in the decision-making process regarding its relocation and the subsequent lack of visibility is crucial for fostering trust and understanding within the community.

Even after the Grenada Tourism Authority tried to give information and provide an explanation for the disappearance of Wallace Fountain, no proper confirmation officially left the doubt.

The work of authorities in restoring heritage symbols like Wallace Fountain represent their motive and commitment to preserving their cultural assets.

However, the lack of visibility and communication brings questions about continued public access while keeping restoration efforts going.

The public is asking for official clarification about the current location and condition of the Wallace Fountain as it remained out of public approach since October 2022.

Open communication and transparency in the decision of the authorities can not only solve the concerns but also positively use the dedication of people to preserve the rich cultural legacy of the nation.