Punjab is not about drugs it is about young blood: Jazzy B

People from all across the world are coming into the support of Indian farmers who have been opposing the recently passed laws by the Modi government.

Jazzy B at attended the protests
Jazzy B at attended the protests

India: People from all across the world are coming into the support of Indian farmers who have been opposing the recently passed laws by the Modi government.

Elderly, youth and even children are sleeping on roads as the entire farming community from Indian states of Punjab and Harayana continue to protest against the three laws that were passed in September 2020.

Renowned Indian singer of Punjab origin and youth icon Jazzy B has also come forward to support farmers.

Jazzy B attended the protests on the entry point of Delhi, the Singhu border, supporting farmers. In his mass address singer called farmer’s protest one of the most peaceful demonstrations in the world.

In his address at the Singhu border, he said, “I congratulate all farmer’s organisations and groups who are here in this frozen winter for their rights, because of them the whole world unites as one in this battle of righteousness.

He added that “Government is doing injustice against the food feeders of India.

Singer also gives a tight slap on those assumptions of people who call Punjabi youth “drug addicts”.

He opposed the thoughts of people who have such assumptions and said, “Let’s show the world that Punjab is not only about drugs, but is also about young blood.”

He also advised the people against the demonstrations to visit the peaceful protest and learn how calmly these farmers are fighting against the new farm bills.

He also added, “Those people who see Punjabi youth as a drug addict can come with me in the gym at early morning five clock when mostly the entire gym is crowded, they would able to see how much power is in the Punjabi youth.”

Jazzy B also appealed to the youth to keep the protest going. He noted that international media is also praising farmers, and the entire world has come in support of the farmers.

Punjabi youth is establishing a significant position across all over the globe emphasised the singer.

Earlier, Jazzy B took part in Canada’s demonstrations against the laws. “This is not about India and Canada; the entire world is participating at this moment.” asserted Jazzy B.

Furthermore, the singer shared a video on his social media and applauded the efforts of Khalsa Aid Organisation for setting up “Kisan Mall” on the Tikri Border Delhi.

The “Kisan Mall” (Farmer’s mall) is set up to facilitate these peaceful protestors with daily necessities by issuing coupons.

Besides this, he praised the head of Khalsa Aid Ravinder Singh for serving humanity across the globe without any discrimination.

Punjabi celebrities have thoroughly taken part in these demonstrations as the larger population of the region rely’s on the agriculture sector.

The demonstrations gained worldwide attention when thousands of farmers peacefully moved to Delhi, and the Indian Government used tear gases and water canon to stop them from their basic right of “protesting”.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN chief Antonio Guterres are among those who are supporting the “Indian Farmers”.

The Indian Government is standing tall on its decision, and no announcement to revoke their laws have been made so far. Prime Minister Narendra Modi continue to say that these laws are in favour of the farming community; however, the farmers say the Government is attempting to benefit the billion-dollar Indian corporations.

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