Princess Charlotte uses different name at school to live normal life

The season holidays are appearing to an end and Prince George and Princess Charlotte are expected to return to class this week.

UK: The season holidays are appearing to an end and Prince George and Princess Charlotte are expected to return to class this week.

The children both attend Thomas’s Battersea in southern London, with eight-year-old George starting year 4 and Charlotte, six, in second year.

And notwithstanding their royal status, insiders say the children are treated exactly like everyone else once they walk through the school gates.

This is something that Kate and William will fully support, as they desperately want their children to have a normal ‘childhood’ – which is why Charlotte has a different name.

Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and her formal title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Both are a bit mouth-watering, and we can not imagine the kids on the gridiron or her educators using them.

Hence, she succeeds in the footprints of her older brother and other family members and uses her parents’ title as surname. That’s why she’s known as Charlotte Cambridge.

Likewise, George is technically George Alexander Louis, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge – but uses George Cambridge.

Their father William and Uncle Prince Harry used the same style for their names and Charles’ title – Wales – as used.

Besides using the name at school, they both used it during their military careers.

But Charlotte Cambridge is not the only name given to the six-year-old over the years.

In a rare family video clip, her nickname was revealed when Prince William and Kate Middleton accompanied their children to the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

Kate helped design a garden for the show, and George, Charlotte and Louis came to see it.

While sporting on a swing in the garden, William calls to his daughter and asks her to come push him.

But instead of saying ‘Charlotte’, he asks ‘Mignonette‘.

The French word is said to mean ‘small, sweet and delicate’ or ‘cute’. Older French definitions also show that it can mean soft and friendly.

This is quite different from the nickname that Kate was previously known as her daughter – Lottie.

Throughout an official trip to Northern Ireland in 2019, Kate joins a co-mom called Laura-Ann and her son.

Laura-Ann posted about the reception on Instagram, declaring that Kate revealed her nickname to Charlotte during their conversation.

She said, ‘She asked how old Bertie was, and I said he’s four and she said,’ Oh, he’s the same as Lottie. ‘She calls her Lottie!