President Irfaan Ali : “Nothing to fear from activities in Guyana’s waters”

President Irfaan Ali says nothing to fear from activities in Guyana’s waters
President Irfaan Ali says nothing to fear from activities in Guyana’s waters

Guyana: President Dr Irfaan Ali, has assured Venezuela and other countries that Guyana does not pose a threat to them and is committed to peaceful relations.

“Neither Venezuela nor any other State has anything to fear from activities within Guyana’s sovereign territory or waters,” the President said in a statement this evening.

The statement comes on the heels of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro sending 5,600 soldiers to take part in “defensive” exercises on Venezuela’s eastern Caribbean and Atlantic coasts.

This move by Venezuela followed the announcement that a British Navy vessel was on its way to Guyana’s waters as part of a series of engagements in the region.

But President Ali has made it clear that Guyana harbours no ill ambitions.

“I have iterated before that we harbour no ambitions or intentions to covet what does not belong to us,” the Head of State said.

He added that Guyana is “fully committed” to peaceful relations with its neighbours and all countries in the Region.

The President said that Guyana remains fully steadfast in promoting and advancing peace whilst pursuing national development.

He noted, too, that Guyana has long been engaged in partnerships with regional and international states aimed at enhancing internal security.

These partnerships, he said, pose a threat to no one and are in no way intended to be aggressive or constitute an offensive act against any State.

“I wish to renew my best wishes to the people of Venezuela, our neighbours,” the Guyanese President stated.

President Irfaan Ali showed concern and asked the people to work on that. Netizens reacted to the president’s voice and lauded the step of Guyana.

One of the citizens said,” This is the best president of our time long live President Irfan Ali..Every speech he gave is powerful.”

Other people also lauded the step and named the government relevant.