Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley launched “Nevis Exposition” on Thursday

Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley launched
Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley launched "Nevis Exposition" on Thursday.

The Ministry of Tourism, Nevis, started its annual activity month for tourism, which we call Exposition Nevis. Our month of activities is planned from April 18 – May 31 2021.

The purpose of Exposition Nevis is to make the general public aware of the role and purpose of the Ministry of Tourism, adding the critical impact that the tourism industry has on Nevis’ economy.

“Although we are celebrating the 5th annual issue of Exposition Nevis, we are doing so against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has infected more than 138 million people and caused nearly 3 million deaths worldwide,” added Mark Brantley.

The Exposition Nevis 2021 event calendar features a wide range of experiences designed to encourage locals and visitors to get to know, appreciate and take part in the amazing tourism product offerings here on the island, including excursions, festivals, heritage experiences and culinary meetings.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international tourism visitors experienced a significant decrease of 74 percent during 2020, which turned us back more than thirty years in terms of the global level of visitors. As a result, many destinations made no use of it but made use of internal tourism as a line for their striving tourism economies.

Local tourism businesses and home-based tourism experiences that have so far been largely underutilized have now become the bread and butter of our struggling economy. It is in this context that the Ministry of Tourism has chosen the theme ‘The promotion of domestic tourism as the focus of its 2021 exhibition Nevis celebrations.

Exhibition Nevis seeks to actively encourage local people to support local tourism businesses and is intended to promote entrepreneurship and capability building in the midst of one of the most important crises facing our tourism industry in decades.

Two local businesses, Nevis Equestrian Center and Hills and Valleys Tours have agreed to offer reduced rates for locals who want to experience their tours. Several of our fine Nevis hotels are also currently offering special accommodation rates for locals to enjoy a premium holiday here on the island, as many Nevis are unable to travel overseas to their usual holiday destinations.

To engage our children, our event includes a dial-up tourism quiz on VON Radio, as well as an essay competition based on our domestic tourism theme, for our elementary and high school students.