Premier Nevis, Brantley supports Jeffers over ‘symposium Agenda’

Premier Brantley and Alexis Jeffers
Premier Brantley and Alexis Jeffers

St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation Mark Brantley supported Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture Alexis Jeffers as he and his team led a one-day symposium Agenda 2021 on the future of Agriculture on Nevis. 

Premier Brantley said, “We are making huge strides in Food Security, and we shall continue to support our farmers.”

In the event, Alexis Jeffers said, “Now is the time to plant more; now is the time to engage more; now is the time to ensure that we are providing the nutritious food that our people need, to ensure we are cultivating healthy communities.”

He added, “NIA put plans in place for the agriculture sector in January 2020. Coupling that with the COVID-19 stimulus provided to farmers and fishers in March, over the past many months there had been a marked increase in food production on Nevis, and the time had come for the island to be in a position to feed itself.”

Jeffers encouraged stakeholders to extend the collaborative efforts exhibited during the crisis to grow the local agricultural economy in the future so that the island’s food import bill could continue to trend downward.

The Department of Agriculture on Nevis will recently resume its Fresh Vegetable Market on January 15 at the Marketing Unit in Charlestown.

 Randy Elliott, Director of Agriculture under the Department of Agriculture, said, “We also want to ensure that farmers can make a livelihood from their work, while not losing too much of their time having to leave their farms to go and sell the produce themselves.”

A shocking incident happened where a Nevis farmer’s crops were totally destroyed overnight by a human intruder. 

This administration is trying to find out the culprit and punish that man. 

Jack, a resident of the US, said to Brantley that he wants to meet him as he inspired much from him. 

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