PPP/C wishes people on 55th Independence Anniversary of Guyana

The People's Progressive Party/ Civic - PPP/C wishes every citizen with a heartfelt message as Guyana celebrates its 55th Independence anniversary.

Guyana: The People’s Progressive Party/ Civic – PPP/C wishes every citizen with a heartfelt message as Guyana celebrates its 55th Independence anniversary.

PPP/C asserted, “As we observe this very significant moment in our nation’s history, the People’s Progressive Party – PPP/C takes this opportunity to extend greetings to all Guyanese, both here and those globally in the Diaspora.”

The party stated, “Our beloved nation has reached another milestone, its 55th Independence Anniversary, and this comes at a time when Guyana is on the cusp of unprecedented transformational development. The unleashing of our nation’s vast potential is within reach.”

“Our developmental trajectory has, undoubtedly, imbued all Guyanese with a tremendous sense of optimism, pride, expectation and confidence that our individual and collective dreams and aspirations for a prosperous nation will be realised.”

The party, in a press release statement, noted that these 55 years were tough for every Guyanese as the nation has gone through and overcame many challenges and added despite every testing point, the resilience and indomitable of the people of Guyana would rise above those challenges.

“It is demonstrative of our resoluteness as a people to work assiduously and to sustain our efforts to build a brighter future for all. During those 55 years, there were periods when much was achieved – a period that saw our physical and social infrastructures being transformed through sustained growth and development – and periods of regression,” – PPP/C added.

“There were periods when our freedoms were suppressed and periods when they were restored. There were periods when pride was lost and periods when it returned after relentless struggles. However, throughout these times, our people never allowed hope to slip away and remained steadfast in their commitment to nation-building and the advancement of all.”

Following the statement, PPP/C further asserted that “The fact that our freedom and democracy were vigorously defended is testimony to our collective resolve and the value we, as a people, attached to our democratic principles.”

“This is not dissimilar to the values of those who led the struggles and fought valiantly for Independence would have attached to breaking the shackles of colonialism. Those selfless struggles remain a revered source of inspiration and a demonstration of patriotism in guiding us to work in the best interest of our country and all of its peoples.”

Further concluding the statement in a press release, the party urged the people of Guyana to get encouraged by the invaluable efforts of those who struggled to free the nation from colonialism and to free everyone as the nation endeavour together to safeguard the democratic values and to advance the countrymen and women as a new era of transformational development beckons.