Police seizes ammunition during operation at Rural Hill district

Police seized unauthorised ammunition from abandoned building in Rural Hill district of Portland on Monday, 12 February.

20-year-old man booked for larceny in Crown Point. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
20-year-old man booked for larceny in Crown Point. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Jamaica: The police department seized a quantity of unauthorised ammunition from an abandoned building in an anti-crime operation in the Rural Hill district of Portland, a parish in the northeastern part of Jamaica, on Monday, 12 February, around 11:40 am. Till now, no arrest is been reported by the authorities in relation to the finding in the case.

As per the reports, the anti-crime operation, which led to the seizure of ammunition, was conducted on the day by the police department on information based on intelligence, which led them to the building, which was abandoned.

A team of police officers, during the execution of the operation, took charge on the available information and went to the abandoned building for investigation at nearly 11:40 am.

In search of the building, the police officers discovered a plastic bag of black colour on the place. After examination of the plastic bag, the police officers found ammunition contained in it, which was twelve rounds of twelve gauge cartridges.

The recovered amount of ammunition were immediately seized by the police officers. There was no suspect found on the place during the search of the building who could be the possessor of the ammunition. There are also no reports of any recovered firearm from the abandoned building or nearby to which the ammunition belonged.

The residents of the local communities around the Rural Hill district and the citizens of the nation are sharing their opinions about the case after learning about the seizure of ammunition by police officers in an anti-crime operation.

People are saying, “Police officers of our nation are doing work, and this is another commendable job by them. Crime is a daily thing we suffer from. In other nation also the crimes take place but in small island nation with reasonably less population this is a matter of tension. Corruption is one major reason for crime in society, and we cannot deny that there is some corruption in the nation. Not blaming the authorities, but they need to take strict actions.”

People also said, “Amazing work officers. Keep the good work going on. The ammunition is just found now, it is also needed to find the gun and the criminals whom it belongs to. That can stop crime. Hope for the best and success.”

The officers of the police department are conducting investigation and inquiries into the case to trace the suspect involved in the crime while following the available evidence.