Police seize firearms, arrests six individuals in Bull Bay

The Kingston Police arrest of six individuals with an Arcus 9mm pistol and two 9mm rounds in a successful operation in the Bull Bay.

Police seize firearm and arrest six individuals in Bull Bay operation. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Constabulary Force
Police seize firearm and arrest six individuals in Bull Bay operation. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Constabulary Force

Jamaica: The Kingston Eastern Division Police seized an illegal firearm, which was an Arcus 9mm pistol and two 9mm rounds, with the arrest of six individuals in a successful operation in the Bull Bay location in Jamaica during predawn hours on Boxing Day. In operation, the police department was able to intercept a Toyota Probox motor car along the St. Thomas main road in Bull Bay in which the suspects were travelling.

The arrest and seizure of illegal firearms in the operation hint at the connection of the incident with the recent shooting incident in Cane River within the Kingston Eastern Division.

The investigation is actively going on over the case, and authorities are examining the collected evidence to get any clues which can take the case in the right direction. It is being tried to figure out the connection between recent arrests and previous shootings.

The police expect that this successful operation and the collected evidence will lead them to many big gangs and criminals. As per the police reports, there is a very high chance of getting a connection between the incidents.

The illegal Arcus 9mm pistol is now under police custody. It will be taken to the forensic expert for examination to trace its origin and if there is any record of use in criminal activities previously.

The forensic report on the pistol will bring clarity over the history of the firearm, which can help in tracing the owner of the gun. It will also help to build connections between multiple incidents if it is used in many crimes.

The six suspects who were arrested by the police while travelling together in the Toyota Probox motor car are under interrogation, where they will be asked questions about their links to gather more information.

The police are now trying to find the reason behind the possession of an illegal firearm and what the suspects were planning to do.

There are no updates available currently about what are the charges under which the suspects are being interrogated.

The action of the police presented the activeness of the police department towards the safety and security of the region by tracking all the potential criminal activities and neutralising them before causing any damage to anyone.

People of Jamaica are seen appreciating the police department for their crucial success in the operation, saying, “ Very good. We expect this kind of activeness from our authorities. This is so relief. This will help in bringing a sense of safety in the people of Jamaica and also the tourists.”

Another one said, “We hear about the crimes every day, and that is so painful. This approach of our police officers is so brave and we expect only this from them. We hope this becomes every day for our officers.”

The people of Jamaica are looking forward to the case and waiting for further updates and which connections will the further investigation expose. People are demanding a quick resolution of the case and arrest of everyone who is involved in the crime in the region.