Police rescues victim of kidnapping, arrests one of four suspects

Police arrested one of four suspects in the case of kidnapping a businesswoman of El Socorro in San Juan on Tuesday, 2 January.

Police rescued victim of kidnapping and arrested one. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Police rescued victim of kidnapping and arrested one. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: One man among four suspects got arrested under the charge within the case of kidnapping a businesswoman of El Socorro in San Juan, a town in Trinidad, on Tuesday, 2 January.

The suspect is identified with the name of Jason Brown, who is also known as Abdul Karim. The man was found involved in the negotiation of the ransom for kidnapping.

As per the reports, the kidnapped businesswoman who lives in the neighbourhood of El Socorro in San Juan was identified by the name of Anesha Narine Boodhoo.

The victim woman was kidnapped last year on Friday, 29 December 2023, outside the Auto Rama Limited, which is her family business place.

It is said when she was outside her office, a black Toyota SUV with blue flashing lights registered as PDY 1325 came to her in which four individuals were sitting.

Suddenly, the four men came out of the car, pushed her inside against her will, and fled from the place after kidnapping her.

Immediately, the incident of kidnapping was reported to the police department in response to police officers from the local police station taking charge and visiting the place of the kidnapping.

On the scene, officers conducted inquiries about the incident and confirmed the report of kidnapping and straight after started with the investigation.

The investigation started on the case of kidnapping under the guidance of Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher, including multiple departments.

The departments who got involved in the investigation with the police department are the Anti-kidnapping Unit, the Research and Analytical Unit, NED Operations and CID, the C.S.M.U, the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, offices of Criminal and Tactical Divisions, Strategic Services Agency, the Legal Officer, SIU with other internal stakeholders of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

A joint operation was done over the case of kidnapping. In the enquiries conducted around 3:00 am on Tuesday, police received a clue about the victim that once, she was seen outside her home with the suspect.

Eventually, after a thorough investigation, police found Brown, who is one of four suspects and found the victim.

The victim, Anesha, was successfully rescued by the officers and was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The suspect, Brown, was arrested by the police and was transferred to Barataria Police Station under custody.

As per the statements of the police department, the reason for the kidnapping is said to be ransom for now. But the police are still investigating the case to find if there are any more angles attached to the kidnapping.

It is expected that the suspect will appear before a magistrate of Port of Spain, where he will be charged for the offence.

People around the communities are sharing their opinions about the case of kidnapping. Some are praising the efforts of the police department, and some are claiming it was a special operation for special people.

People are saying while praising the authorities, “Police found the criminal and saved the woman; this is great work done by our officers. Most people keep suffering from crimes everywhere, but nothing happens. But this action shows how they are committed towards our safety.”

While some people are saying, “We never see police working such hard for any common man. Why can’t they stop the crime in the country which regularly happens? This is just a case where rich people have a problem, and they do everything to solve it. No one cares for common people.”

The police is still investigating the case to find other suspects involved in the crime and also asking people of the region to come forward if they have any information related to the kidnapping.