Police officer jailed for 15 years for raping his own daughter

Former police officer sentenced for 15 years in the case of raping his 12-year-old daughter by the high court judge on 30 January.

23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner
23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad and Tobago: A former police officer sentenced the imprisonment of 15 years in the case of raping his 12-year-old daughter multiple times in the span of three years by the high court judge, Hayden St Clair Douglas, on Tuesday, 30 January. The culprit, a former police officer, is also charged with imprisonment of five years and eight months for serious indecency.

The culprit was found guilty in the case in April 2023 under seven offences for which he was charged, including grievous sexual assault and serious indecency, with another five charges for having sex with a minor.

As per the reports, the incident of the officer raping his own daughter was discovered by his wife in July 2010 when she was doing her daily work at their home. It is mentioned that the wife of the former officer found a DVD in the bedroom while cleaning.

It is said that the DVD contained the footage of the officer with his daughter in which he was abusing the victim. In the video, the face of the victim was not visible, but the mother recognised the genitals of her daughter.

Reportedly, the mother straight after made multiple copies of the video footage to keep it as solid evidence against her husband and confront him. The mother gave one copy of the DVD to her pastor for the surety of the safety of the evidence.

After the accusation by the mother, the officer instantly denied his offences for the moment but eventually accepted the act while claiming that he did not want to hurt anyone.

The mother reported the act of rape by the officer of her own daughter to Raymond Craig, the former Deputy Commissioner of Police, at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain. She also forced the officer to leave their house.

The police department took charge of the rape case and interviewed the minor victim, who said that her father was abusing her three times a week in his bedroom when the mother was not at home since the age of nine.

The minor victim of rape was medically examined by the authorities, and video was also collected as evidence against the culprit officers. The video was also shown to the victim in the presence of her mother to confirm to identify herself in the footage.

After the long trial, the culprit officer was sentenced to imprisonment of fifteen years for the rape charges and for grievous sexual assault with eight months in prison for serious indecency which will run concurrently.

The culprit officer is also ordered by Justice St Clair Douglas to report to the police once per month after his release from prison for fifteen years.

The local residents of communities around the nation are sharing their opinions after learning about the case of the former police officer, who is sentenced by the high court in the case of raping her own daughter.

People are saying, “He should have been given more punishment 15 Years is nothing. What about the child? She has to live with this ordeal for the rest of her life. She will get help, I know, but this is something no one ever gets over.”

People also said, “How disgusting. This is your daughter, a little girl, a child. What is wrong with people? How can you look at a child and do that and record it as well? But well done to the mother for reporting it. He needs to suffer for this.”

People in the communities are hoping for a better life for the victim ahead and demanding authorities take more strict action against the culprit as what he deserves, and he must not be allowed to revolve in an open society.