Police constable Kwame Phillip granted bail in sexual offence case

33-year-old police constable Kwame Phillip charged with three sexual offences granted bail by High Court 23 January.

23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner
23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad and Tobago: A 33-year-old police constable, Kwame Phillip, who was charged with three sexual offences, was granted bail by Master Shabiki Cazabon in the Port of Spain High Court on Tuesday, 23 January.

The suspect is identified as a police constable in the special reserves of the San Fernando police station named Kwame Phillip. He was charged under the offences, including two rape counts and one count of buggery with a woman.

As per the reports, constable Kwame Phillip was granted bail in the case with 550 thousand dollars of surety without calling him upon to plead as the changes were laid indictable. The bail is granted by the court to constable Kwame Phillip under some strict conditions that must be followed.

As per the conditions, Phillip is not allowed to contact the victim through any medium and will also not try to meet her. Constable Phillip is also ordered to stay away from the victim at least 200 feet in particular situations. He also needs to report three days a week to the Princes Town police station.

It is mentioned in the reports that allegations are on constable Kwame Phillip that he raped the victim woman against her acceptance on two different occasions, once in St Ann’s and another time in Port of Spain. The identity of the victim woman is not confirmed yet.

The residents of the nation in all the communities are sharing their opinions after knowing about the bail of Constable Kwame Phillip in the case of sexual offences.

People are saying, “Crime happens, investigation happens, sometimes criminals get arrested, Court presence happens, bail is granted. This is how our system works. These kinds of criminals who are not worthy to live in society, why do they get bailed every time? They must not be given bail but punished with the hardest possible crime.”

People also said, “The part of this I don’t understand is how can a man have sex with someone without any consent on two different occasions?”

People are sharing their different opinions and points of view on the case. People are also demanding justice and hoping for the betterment of the victim and asking authorities to take strong action against Constable Kwame Phillip.