Police charges 20-year-old in Lucea for carrying imitation gun

A 20-year-old man was charged by the police in a case of carrying a imitation gun in Haughton Gardens in Lucea on Sunday, 25 December.

Police charge 20-year-old man for carrying imitation gun. Image Credit: Facebook, NYPD
Police charge 20-year-old man for carrying imitation gun. Image Credit: Facebook, NYPD

Jamaica: A 20-year-old man was charged by the police in a case of carrying a prohibited imitation gun in Haughton Gardens in Lucea, a town in Jamaica, on Sunday, 25 December. Police seized an imitation gun from the suspect, who is identified with the name of Shakalo Scott.

As per the report, the incident took place in the early hours of Sunday morning when a team of police officers who were patrolling the area observed a man with suspicious behaviour.

The police officer went to the suspicious man to check the matter and conducted his search in which they found an imitation firearm carried in his waistband.

Straight after, the suspect was taken under custody by the police officers. After the question-and-answer session in the presence of his attorney, he was officially charged with carrying the prohibited weapon.

The exact nature of the suspicious behaviour of the suspect that made officers take action is not clear in the report given by the police.

Anyway, the recovery of the imitation gun shows the important role of police officers and their active approach toward neutralising the potential threats to public safety.

The use and possession of imitation firearms are illegal due to the potential confusion that can be caused in some situations and can be seen as a threat to the normal public.

The police department and security forces around the world find difficulties in differentiating between real and imitation weapons in many extreme situations, which brings the need to take some actions to solve the issue.

The date of the court hearing of suspect Shakalo Scott is yet not finalised. What legal consequences the suspect will be facing will be clear after the proceedings and verdict by the court on the case.

The involvement of his attorney at the time of the question-and-answer session shows the approach of authorities to follow a fair and legal process. The legal charge on the suspect of keeping an illegal imitation gun will come with serious implications.

The statements by the court will bring some clarity to the case and its future. The evidence presented in the court and the arguments of the defence will offer a deep understanding of the incident.

The public opinion on the case is very divided, as one section of the people are happy with the approach of the police towards the safety and security of the locals, saying, “It is good to see that police is taking serious action towards the safety and security of the area so that people can live a safe and happy life.”

“The way police took the action is really appreciable. We daily see crime everywhere, and that leaves us worried for the protection of our family, but this is good, and police must keep their activeness like this only.” They added.

On the other side, some people are not very happy with this action taken by the police as they see it as a waste of time and not a serious issue, saying, “Why police is doing this? What are we getting from this? Young boys these days play with such toys, so are we looking forward to putting all those innocents behind bars and letting real criminals out who are the actual threat to society.”

They also said, “By these serious actions, police are ruining the future of the young man.”

The argument of the people in the communities is seen as an emerging issue for the discussion over the case and about the laws and awareness over imitation guns.

It is assumed that the suspect was using the gun to do some illegal activities like robbery by threatening people with this imitation gun.

The reason behind the possession of the illegal imitation gun is still unknown to the public. It is also a matter of discussion that if the suspect was aware of the laws or not.