Police books three for homemade firearms in Charuma

Police held three suspects in case of possessing homemade firearms in Charuma during joint operations against illegal hunting on 18 February.

$5.5 million marijuana seized in Saint James, one held. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
$5.5 million marijuana seized in Saint James, one held. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Trinidad and Tobago: The police officers held three suspects who are expected to be charged in the case of possessing homemade firearms in Charuma, a village in the eastern part of Trinidad, during joint operations in multiple locations to conserve wildlife and against illegal hunting on Sunday, 18 February.

The operation was conducted by the officers from the Game Wardens Unit and the Estate Management and Business Development Company also known as EMBD, which led to the seizure of homemade firearms in Charuma.

As per the statement of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries of Trinidad and Tobago, the operation was conducted with the purpose of strong implementation of the wildlife conservation regulations.

The operation intended to tackle the issue of illegal hunting which is causing a threat to the conservation of rare species and invaluable wildlife in the ecosystem. The joint operation was conducted by the officers in the areas of TPD Road, Charuma, Navet, Tabaquite, and the Central Range Game Sanctuary.

As per the reports, the incident of the arrest of the three suspects with homemade firearms took place on the day when the police officers were on patrolling the Charuma region. While patrolling, the police officers observed a vehicle parked near a hunting camp which raised the suspicion.

It is mentioned that the police officers stopped at the location where they heard the sound of gunshots. The police officers immediately took charge and went towards the direction from where the sound came.

After the search of the locality, the police officers spotted three suspects who were armed with firearms on the spot and were immediately arrested by the officers. The police officers recovered three shotguns which were made at home with 12 gauge ammunition from the suspects who were attempting to hunt.

The suspects were taken into custody and taken to the Rio Claro Police Station for further processing and were charged with relevant offences. It is said that none of the suspects had any license or authority to keep the firearms.

The police department continues its operation and officers are also conducting the investigation and inquiries about the case to find more lead towards similar actions in the nation. The police department is also interrogating the suspects.

The local people of Charuma and the residents of the communities around the nation are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the arrest of three suspects by police officers who were attempting to hunt with homemade firearms.

People are saying, “That much dedication someone has that they learn to make their own guns if they can not get one for real. Why don’t people show such dedication to good works. The safety of our wildlife is important that is what Caribbeans are known for. Many neighboring nations are famous for nature only.”

People also said, “They were surely doing illegal work and they must also be involved in selling and smuggling of animal parts and skin. The black market gives lots of money to criminals. That is why they do it. This needed to be stopped as it leads to many more crimes.”