PNM reacts on U.S. travel advisory for Trinidad and Tobago

PNM reacted to the new travel guidelines issued by the U.S. based CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago: PNM reacted to the new travel guidelines issued by the U.S. based CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Trinidad and Tobago.

PNM declared that they understand U.S.’s decision as every country would take safety precautions for its citizens, but they do not withstand the “terrorism” term highlighted in the advisory.

On this the officials stated, “They recognise, respect and understand the measures taken by the U.S. to guide and protect its citizens during these unusual and unpredictable times, especially in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but register T&T’s disagreement and concern with some of the statements made in the current advisory, particularly as “terrorism” is not a specific feature of any current threat within our shores.”

“We expect that the United States, which is not unfamiliar with the face of homegrown terrorism, would reconsider the association of such a term with Trinidad and Tobago as it certainly does not accurately reflect the local realities,” said officials.

PNM further pointed out that this matter of U.S. travel advisory led to the unmasking of UNC- United National Congress and its agenda against Trinidad and Tobago. Adding to this, PNM stated, “The UNC leadership has made it abundantly clear, again, that they are never prepared to defend the interests of Trinidad and Tobago.”

This statement of PNM came when UNC blamed PM Keith Rowley for the ‘criminal and COVID-19 disasters’ in Trinidad and Tobago.

Following the statement, PNM further pointed out, “On the contradictory, in their indecent haste to seize upon any opportunity for political mischief and misinformation, they have sought to make political benefit out of another serious national issue and not surprisingly it has backfired and has drawn the appropriate condemnation.”

” Incapable of sober and mature reflection on any matter of national importance, the Opposition(UNC) again jumped into an altercation with the vapidest and ill-conceived media releases, and they have now deservedly found themselves in the unfortunate position of scrambling to save face, after attempting to confirm anything negative being said or portrayed about T&T, with no regards whatsoever for accuracy or context”, stated PNM.

PNM concluded and pointed out that “If only out of a sense of duty and knowing the facts as that relate to T&T’s circumstances, any responsible Opposition, regardless of how they feel about the Government, would have seen it fit to come to the defence of the country, but they prefer instead to gloomily attempt to confirm any misconception or misinformation about Trinidad and Tobago.”