PNCR welcomes heads of states in Guyana,

Statement by the People’s National Congress Reform – PNCR Party Leader, Aubrey Norton to the Visiting Dignitaries to the International Energy Conference and Exhibition 2022, scheduled for this week.

As the PNCR welcomes heads of states and other overseas attendees to the country, we reaffirm our call that Guyana’s oil wealth must benefit poor Guyanese.

We take this opportunity to welcome to our Dear Land all overseas attendees to the International Energy Conference and Expo scheduled for this week. The Party has noted that among attendees are Heads of State, CEOs, and other VIPs. We extend a special welcome to them and hope they find time to enjoy our beautiful country and understand the plight of the people of Guyana.

This opportunity is also taken to inform the visitors that the Ali/Jagdeo Government continues to seek to dominate and control all aspects of life in Guyana. It is in this context their refusal to invite the Parliamentary Opposition to participate in the International Energy Conference and Expo must be taken. The exclusion of the Opposition and key stakeholders exposes the lie that there is “One Guyana”.

As we welcome these Heads of state and Government, they should be made aware that the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) remains committed to its call for the country’s oil wealth to be used for the benefit of all Guyanese, especially those who are less fortunate and poverty-stricken. Even as oil production is about to triple, there continues to be an increasing disconnect between such developments (inclusive of international oil conferences) and the daily reality and experiences of ordinary Guyanese. Budget 2022, the country’s first oil budget, compounded this pervasive sense of despondency among our citizens by its stingy offerings to the poor and its generosity to the well-off and the well-connected.

The country cannot proceed in this manner. If our rich natural resources cannot be used to uplift our people and transform the country urgently and comprehensively, then what will?

A Coalition government in which the PNCR is part, when it comes to organizing international conferences, will focus more on those that discuss and propose solutions to eradicate poverty, and advance social inclusion, equity and sustainable development.