PM Timothy Harris reviving economy through a managed approach

PM Timothy Harris reviving economy through a managed approach
PM Timothy Harris reviving economy through a managed approach

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris is making tremendous efforts to restore the tourism industry of St Kitts and Nevis. After March 2020, this year, the twin-island federation welcomed several cruise ships to the shores. The increased tourist footfall under a managed approach is helping the federation in Strengthening economic activities.

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris performed exceptionally hard to bring back tourism to the country. With his efforts, the country is seeing an escalated graph of the international and regional airlines choosing St Kitts and Nevis as their major location. Major airlines like Caribe Air Charters, American Airlines, British Airways have reopened their flights to the country.

Just a few days ago, the country marked a special day after COVID-19 as three cruise ships berthed at the same time in Port Zante. The ships brought many travellers from different spheres of the world to the island. The cruise ships continue to facilitate many job opportunities on the island related to the tourism sector.

According to several reports, 60% of total travellers to St Kitts and Nevis are coming from the United States of America, and the other 20 per cent of the travellers are nationals returning back home.

After many efforts of the government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on the island were proven to be very helpful, now the nation has reached the appropriate scale of vaccinated population.

The COVID-19 safety protocols placed by the government had also performed well in containing the COVID-19 spread in the federation. The protocols include wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and hand hygiene.

While strengthening the travel protocols on Port Zante for the safety of the travellers, the government announced that now only fully-vaccinated international travellers, nationals and residents are allowed to enter the Travel Approved Port Zante site while cruise ships are docked at the port. The persons must show their photo ID and the original or xeroxed copy of the vaccination card for entering the retail stores, bars, restaurants and casinos.