PM Terrance Drew outlines highlights of his trip to Taiwan, calls it valuable step

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew called his visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan) a valuable step to send a strong signal that the shift in the government of St Kitts and Nevis will not affect the relationship and maintain the same esteem as had been over the last 39 years. 

St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew called his visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan) a valuable step to send a strong signal that the shift in the government of St Kitts and Nevis will not affect the relationship and maintain the same esteem as had been over the last 39 years. 

He stated that during the first hundred days he took on this trip and they laid out their plans and programs, and policies going forward this speaks to the Foreign Ministries’ commitment to having a strong relationship with the Republic of China Taiwan, and so it was an imperative step. 

On the delegation accompanied by PM Terrance Drew, he asserted that he thinks this delegation was put together with the idea of sending a strong and clear and positive message in the sense that irrespective of where one Falls irrespective to the political divide here and think it’s a Nevis that they are all friends of the Republic of China Taiwan.

Outlining the highlights of his trip, PM Terrance Drew stated that he met with the president of Taiwan and the president is a woman, which is quite interesting and quite welcoming as well as Taiwan is also striving to have gender Equity. 

PM Drew stated that they had multiple engagements, closing the reception at the presidential Palace, they had a banquet together, they had open and close meetings, and he saw, and he would say meeting the the president and her leadership team were definitely a highlight. 

He also visited the Taiwan Veterans Medical Center that Center is an event centre it is one of the best in Asia an idea say it can rank high in the world as well he was had the opportunity to meet the Healthcare professionals who are there, and they are receiving instructions training with respect to diabetes and chronic kidney disease diseases that are affecting the people tremendously here significantly in St Kitts and Nevis. 

PM Drew also had the opportunity to see the hospital and to be introduced to pieces of equipment that are very advanced. He had the opportunity to see a particular piece of equipment that he read about when he was a medical resident and to see it really captivated her, and it also said to him that Taiwan is an Innovative country and country. 

He also met with the students and citizens who were there who live in Taiwan and work in Taiwan and so he was able to meet with them as well and to hear from the students and interact with them. 

Talking about the piece of Technology, he stated that it is a new type of Technology that diagnosed Cancers and treats them, it uses a new type of theory that has been converted into a practical design to deliver Health Care to people and that type of equipment goes into cancer helps to really map it and give a 3D image of it and also allows to treat it without damaging the surrounding tissues.  

“Based on my communication or my dialogue with the medical professionals from that institution we will establish what you call telemedicine means that we can transport of Taiwan’s expertise is using of course, the Technology of ICT, “said the prime minister. 

He also discussed the new hospital, and Taiwan has agreed to partner with them in the building out of their new hospital. They also discussed as you know, scholarships more scholarships at the tertiary level. 

Outlining the matters of discussion, PM Drew mentioned that they also discuss grants to women in small businesses; they also agriculture as well using resilient techniques as the climate is changing; no, there’s a program which involves egg production and so forth, so they have also embarked on that but one of the things that they have embarked on is the issue of climate changes our protection of the environment. 

Talking about the building of the hospital, PM Terrance Drew has asked the minister of sustainable development to search for the land where they can build a new hospital on Virgin land from all the experts and all the Consultants he has spoken to, and they’ve agreed to build a virgin land is the best option; it is more cost-effective, and it gives an opportunity to really build a smart hospital. 

He stated that they had promised the people that young people will be given opportunities of leadership because in that delegation as well was Iceland Philip a young lady of 29 30 years of age who has been well educated and who has experienced despite her Youth and who is ready to serve in that position. 

“I say that just to show you that this is one of the ethos by which this

The administration would govern to give young people real opportunities to lead why, and not just young people but women as well because I mentioned my delegation was well balanced, and if you can see our policies in the parliament in the cabinet at leadership levels that women are being given real chance here to lead, “said the prime minister.  

Speaking about the small grants for women, PM Terrance Drew stated that it was launched especially during the COVID-19 time where they would apply for it and the Taiwanese are working with financial institutions. 

He added, “You can apply and during that time you have to go through a certain training and orientation and so forth and be given that Grant where you can start your business or strengthen your business and

have that support to to be successful and so that is already out there some people have benefited and we want to strengthen that program because we believe that if we are to help our women as they had most of the households in St Kitts and Nevis and those households are strengthened.” 

Outlining the incident happened in the flight he stated that it was the flight from Miami to St Kitts and Nevis and he was on the flight and sitting of course after such a long trip from Taiwan which was 11 hours and then from Los Angeles to Miami it was another five hours also so it was an opportunity to take a little bit of rest the shortest leg of the trip really

and then he heard a Hostess asking if there was a doctor on board and then he immediately took her seat belt off and walked towards the patient. 

“I would call that person now and getting there realized there was that person was unresponsive and in my first initial assessment I realized that the pulse was either extremely weak to the point where I couldn’t really detect it and so we moved to get the patient into a position on the ground on the aisle in the aisle area so that we can stature’s compressions but once I move the patient elevated the legs to get some blood flow back recognize it when patient was sitting in a patient became started to come around more and more and then I was able to examine take the vital signs realize that the patient had become stable and then they were able to call the emergency persons I was able to hand over my initial assessment and report but by the time I recognized after taking the blood pressure listening to the Head the policy and so forth that the patient had become stabilized, “said the prime minister. 

Anglina Byron

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