PM Skerrit recalls achievements in agriculture sector under his CARICOM chairmanship

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit recalled achievements and said that they implemented the community agriculture policy during his tenure as the CARICOM Chairman.

PM Skerrit recalls achievements, implements agriculture policy as CARICOM Chairman
PM Skerrit recalls achievements, implements agriculture policy as CARICOM Chairman

Guyana: Prime Minister of Dominica- Dr Roosevelt Skerrit shed light on the achievements that have been made in the agriculture sector during his tenure as the CARICOM Chairman. Speaking during the 46th regular meeting of the Caribbean Community, he outlined that they have implemented agriculture policies and initiatives to foster innovation and collaboration among farmers.

While recalling his achievements, the Prime Minister highlighted that the agriculture policy has been implemented, with the goal of increasing budgetary allocations to CARICOM member states. The introduction of new crops, improved cross-border investments, and collaborations were further steps taken out by the CARICOM under his leadership, said  PM Skerrit.


During the CARICOM meeting which is taking place in Guyana, Prime Minister Skerrit handed over the baton to President Dr Irfaan Ali and emphasized that the tenure has remained great due to the steps taken towards the development.

CARICOM fostered innovation in the agriculture sector through the implementation of the guidelines in the trade policies. He said that the agreements on possible insurance products were signed, aiming to benefit farmers in the region.

PM Skerrit added that the steps have been aimed at meeting the food security initiatives targets with the most critical one being to reduce the food import bill and advanced food and nutrition security for the community.

The CARICOM under the chairmanship of PM Skerrit has signed the double taxation agreement which aimed to ease trade investment within the community and fortied the economic resilience. PM Skerrit said, ”With the signing of a double taxation agreement, easing trade investment within the community. We fortified our economic resilience.”

He asserted that the agreement has showcased the positive signs of recovery in several sectors including tourism which is a vital pillar of the economy. During this period, CARICOM advocated for climate action and championed the Caribbean climate action plan and PM Skerrit said that the plan would be a safeguard for the future of the community.

Giving ideas for the upcoming hurricane season, he said that the focus should be made on the vulnerabilities of the region and operationalization of the loss and damage funds. He said, ”I want us to continue emphasizing the vulnerabilities of our region and the need to operationalize the loss and fund as there is a need to operationalize the loss and damage fund.”


Talking about the international front, PM Skerrit outlined the collaboration of CARICOM with international and said that they have secured crucial support for all development priorities. Continuing speaking on the matter, he especially quoted the success of the first CARICOM Saudi Arabia Summit held in November 2023.

PM Skerrit said that the main focus of the summit was the generation of investment opportunities. While extending gratitude to the authorities, he said that Saudi Arabia will be helpful in bolstering the community’s infrastructure, renewable energy, tourism, and agriculture sectors.

Further coming to his achievements, PM Skerrit noted that these steps are not merely footnotes and referred to them as “a collective spirit of the Caribbean”. He further passed the chairmanship to the President of Guyana- Dr Irfaan Ali and assured him of his unwavering support and cooperation.

PM Skerrit said, ”The achievements represent the unwavering commitment of our governments. The dedication of our people and the power of regional collaboration. It was our shared belief in collaboration that guided us to remain peaceful during a period when other regions in the world crumbled and resorted to unrest.”

While recalling his memories as Chairman of CARICOM, PM Skerrit asserted that the memories are still fresh of what they achieved as a group.

He showed full faith in the unity of the Caribbean Community and said,”I have full faith that the Caribbean spirit of unity and determination will continue to guide us. We have the talent, the resources, and the collective will to overcome any obstacle. So let us continue to work together. Hand in hand to build a brighter future for our beloved Caribbean.”

PM Skerrit also talked about the upcoming SIDS Conference which will be held in Antigua and Barbuda in May 2024 where they will continue to highlight CARICOM’s unique needs and concerns.