PM Roosevelt Skerrit extend wishes on “Emancipation Day”

PM Roosevelt Skerrit wishes public on
PM Roosevelt Skerrit wishes public on "Emancipation Day"

Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit wished the people of his country on the Emancipation Day. He shared a twitter post with the photograph of Nègre Marron’s statue in the capital city of Roseau.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit stated that Emancipation Day is one of the most significant days in history as a Caribbean nation.

“Nearly two centuries after the abolition of a brutal, oppressive system of servitude, we celebrate freedom with the greatest sense of pride in the strength and courage of our forefathers.” added the Prime Minister.

“Let us remain mindful of the lasting legacy of slavery and pledge to continuously renew our efforts to promote the ideals of freedom and equality for all peoples regardless of their race, ethnicity, or cultural background.” the statement further noted.

On August 1, 1834, slavery was ended in the British Empire when the 1833 Abolition of Slavery Act came into power. In many of Britain’s former colonies in the Caribbean and even Canada, August 1 is still celebrated as Emancipation Day.

Dominica was the last island in the Caribbean to be colonized by the British. Unlike its sister island, Dominica’s ground worked in its favour. With the world’s highest density of dormant volcanoes, packed into a 754 sqkm sea of mountains, such an incredible landscape served to the position of the Kalinago people who fiercely protected the island nation. This influenced the island’s neutral status for years and was instead used as a check-off and trading point for boats moving to and from the Caribbean.

Dominica became homeward to several escaped slaves or ‘Maroons’ many years before the European powers officially settled the island for those fortunate to run there.

Referred to as the “Negre Mawon”, these Maroons moulded Dominica’s path in history and significantly changed the European homesteaders who ultimately declared the island for themselves.