PM Roosevelt Skerrit advises people to put their health first

Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit
Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit

Dominica:  Dominica’s yearly carnival has been canceled yet again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit shared the possible threats of mass meetings in his recent Anou Pale episode.

The Prime Minister said a sheer increase in coronavirus cases in sister nations like Saint Lucia, Barbados, St Vincent, and the Grenadines should serve as a warning. He remarked that Antigua has fully moved to online schooling for an indefinite period, & some countries are also shifting to lockdowns.

PM Skerrit further noted bounding gatherings the entire week and stated this is not the time to gather in numbers. 

He declared that we must not take the circumstances carelessly as Dominica only has thirteen active deadly COVID-19 cases.

Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit also addressed the issue of illegal entry in Dominica and stated every person should solve the problem by reporting the breaches.

He stated that now is the time to put “our health and health of the nation first.”

Furthermore, he advised people to follow the protocols, spend time close to home with families and avoid any gatherings.

Prime Minister also stated that Dominica’s economy and livelihoods could not take another hard hit at this time, and everyone should be mindful of this.

Referring to the employment rate despite the pandemic, the Dominican Prime Minister stated that the government is investing in several projects to keep its people’s jobs.

“If we find ourselves in a situation where the coronavirus cases would increase, we would certainly have to take some measures, and we will have to ensure that we do not get into a lockdown.”

He advised people to be vigilant and stated another lockdown or closing of borders would be disastrous for every Dominican.

Dominica is fighting against coronavirus bravely, as neighboring countries have been affected hard by COVID-19 cases.  

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