PM Minnis takes vital decisions in ‘House of Assembly’

Dr. Hubert Minnis
Dr. Hubert Minnis

Bahamas : Prime Minister of Bahamas Dr. Hubert Minnis made some vital contributions to the extension of the emergency proclamation debate from the House Of Assembly held on 27th Jan 2021. 

Highlights: –

-Following a reassessment via the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Bahamas is expected to be moved to a Level 3 Travel Health Notice from the more serious Level 4.

-NIB’s Unemployment Insurance Allowance to be extended again through February to provide necessary financial support to families still suffering from the economic dislocation caused by the pandemic.

-To ensure all Bahamians and residents that choose to take the COVID-19 vaccine can be vaccinated safely and quickly, extensive plans are underway to ensure a safe and effective roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine throughout the Bahamas.

-Vaccines approved for use in The Bahamas have met the strict and rigorous standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

-The vaccine will not be mandatory and available free of charge for adults who choose to take it. So far, approved vaccines will only be administered to adults.

-The Bahamas has presumptively secured enough doses to vaccinate 20 percent of the population once available through the COVAX Facility assisted by WHO and PAHO.

-Additional approved vaccines may also be accessible through the African Medical Supplies Platform (ASMP) via CARICOM and through direct contact with approved vaccine providers.

-Which vaccines will be used and exactly when they will arrive in-country is still being worked out.

-Working arrangements for public officers are under review for the orderly and safe return to the workplace as early as Monday 1 February 2021. Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department would communicate with employees.

” I think it’s time to consider changing the tests for entering the Bahamas. You should be able to take the Rapid Antigen test (20-minute result) rather than the CPR test with results in 2-3 days.” Debra, a resident of the Bahamas, said. 

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