PM Minnis inaugurates bridge between Spanish Well, Russell Island

PM Hubert Alexander Minnis,
PM Hubert Alexander Minnis,

Bahamas: Bahamas Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis officially opened the new Roderick Newton Higgs Bridge between Spanish Wells and Russell Island. 

Prime Minister Minnis said,” I am so happy that today, we can declare the new Roderick Newton Higgs Bridge officially open.”

PM added, “May God bless all who use this bridge and may God bless you all. “

Chief Councilor, of Spanish Well Local Government Mr. Robert J Roberts thanks PM Minnis

The bridge, built at a $2.8 million cost, provides the only vehicular access between the two islands. The Prime Minister also announced that the contract for the construction of a new Glass Window Bridge would soon be signed. The great-grandchildren of Mr. Roderick Higgs helped the Prime Minister cut the ribbon to mark the bridge’s official opening. 

Public Reactions:

On this people of Bahamas reacted, talking to Associates Times Telly.M said, “Congratulations on the new bridge because it was something they waited 4 for so long, but where was the social distancing & why we’re the children allowed two participate in the ribbon-cutting even though they were there in honor of their grandfather. They are not allowed at gatherings because of the virus, so why not just allow Mr. Higgs children & leave the most vulnerable at home. Mr. PM, are going against what I’ve been preaching two the public by not following protocol.”

Jack Andrew, a resident of America, talking to the Associates Times said, “I have to say, as an American living in these times, seeing our neighbors living in peace & celebrating the opening of a new bridge, it makes me so sad for our state, and so, so, so happy for yall.”

Candy Rosa, a daughter of one of the inaugural program participants, said, “My daughter designed the balloons by the way my grandbaby is the little dark Bahamian girl in the red dress that help cut the ribbon. Wonderful job Minister of Works.”

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