PM Mia Mottley, PM Justin Trudeau discusses challenges faced by small island countries

On the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged with Mia Amor Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados.

Mia Mottley Prime Minister of Barbados
Mia Mottley Prime Minister of Barbados

Barbados: On the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged with Mia Amor Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados.

The two leaders highlighted how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine weakened the global rules-based order and exacerbated the global food security situation. They also discussed the various constraints facing countries around the world, such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and rapidly rising food and energy prices.


Prime Minister Trudeau noted that certain countries, such as small island and low-lying coastal governments, are more vulnerable to these challenges, and that without timely and adequate access to long-term financing, they will be unable to meet their residents’ requirements. Poverty, notably inequality and significant pockets of poverty in middle-income nations, hampers countries’ capacity to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, according to the prime ministers (SDGs). They also highlighted their priorities for the next two years as Co-Chairs of the UN Secretary-SDGs General’s Advocates group.

The two countries agreed that persistent, inclusive, and communal answers to these challenges are required to address the current urgency. Canada’s engagement with key actors in support of broader financial inclusion, such as the private sector, international financial institutions, and multilateral development banks, was underlined by Prime Minister Trudeau.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Mottley decided to keep in touch and meet again in person as soon as possible.

President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a planned new economic relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean, aimed at countering China’s expanding weight, at a regional summit overshadowed by conflict over the guest list.

Despite persistent fears that the US is still trying to dictate to its poorer southern neighbours, Biden sought to reassure the assembled leaders about his administration’s commitment to the area at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Biden said countries in the Americas must invest in guaranteeing our trade is sustainable and responsible in developing supply chain operations that are more resilient, more secure, and more sustainable during a gala opening ceremony.


He stated that the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity would help economies grow from the bottom up and middle out, rather than from the top down. “What is true in the United States is true around the world.” Economic trickle-down does not work.”