PM Holness: State of Emergency helps in decreasing criminal cases across the 7 regions in Jamaica

PM Holness: State of Emergency declines criminal cases across the 7 regions in Jamaica
PM Holness: State of Emergency declines criminal cases across the 7 regions in Jamaica

State of Emergency is providing a better situation for Government to use the resources in fighting crime, Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated.

During his visit to Westmoreland, PM Holness said that the SOE allows the government to deploy a heavy police force and military, in SOE the military could be deployed on its own.

PM Holness added that the deployment of the military is also different from the deployment of the police force because the intensity of the working of the military is on a different level compared to the police. The deployment period is also longer than that of police forces, and it also boosts the security efforts of the country and other forces. So this is the reason the government is using the State of Emergency.

According to the reports, the government declared the State of Emergency in Kingston West, St. Andrew South, Kingston East in the Corporate Area, Kingston Central, St. James, Westmoreland and Hanover.

PM Holness noted that the government is experiencing the decline in criminal activities except in the region of Westmoreland since the State of Emergency was declared by the PM Holness.

He added that the government is planning to increase the investment of the resources for confronting the escalating crime in the regions and bring them under control.

Prime Minister Holness extended his condolences to the mother of the police trainee Constable Duvaughn Brown, Mabel Forbes, who was killed currently.

He said every effort would be made to provide the necessary assistance.

While making the statement on November 14, PM Andrew Holness highlighted the areas that will remain under State of Public Emergency, and addressing a virtual press conference in the Office of the Prime Minister Media Room, PM Holness pointed towards the rising violent crime cases that increased from 16 to 57 per cent in the highlighted regions.

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