PM Holness calls world leaders for solutions to tackle poverty in Jamaica

PM Holness calls world leaders for solutions to tackle poverty in Jamaica
PM Holness calls world leaders for solutions to tackle poverty in Jamaica

Various policymakers globally have been called by the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness. These policymakers are supposed to assist the government in giving new solutions for supporting sustainable development accompanied by the eradication of poverty from the country.

PM Holness mainly highlighted some areas for development that include controlling the devastating effect of the COVID-19 spread that has been affecting the country. The another focused area would be the alter the financial gaps.

PM Holness said, “The pandemic has laid bare the inadequacies and inequalities in our existing economic and social systems. It has brought into sharp focus the fundamental value of human life and human potential. As we seek to build forward stronger and better, let us seek the opportunity to invest in our most precious asset, our human capital.”

On Tuesday, September 28, PM Holness, while speaking in the 76th United Nations General Assembly virtual session, highlighted the main issue of Job and Social protection that would be very helpful for poverty eradication and sustainable recovery.

While highlighting the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic, PM Holness said that the outbreak had affected the social, economic framework of the countries. The pandemic also resulted in the million job losses across the world that had put pressure on the social protection systems.

PM Holness said, “In developing countries, in particular, the pandemic has exposed the risks related to the informal economy and the associated lack of social protection. As we chart a new course towards economic recovery, we must lay the foundations for a more resilient labour market and a more equal world. We must invest in upskilling and reskilling our workers for the jobs of the future to better prepare for the disruptions of the fourth industrial revolution, which the pandemic has only served to accelerate.”

Further, in July 2021, the administration also implemented the new social pension programme for seniors 75 years and older who did not receive a pension.