PM Harris replies PAM, CCM, calls them confused and frightened over vibrancy of PLP

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris replied to the letter and other allegations imposed by the Concerned Citizens Movement and People's Action Movement on his governance on Friday, April 22, 2022

St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris replied to the letter and other allegations imposed by the Concerned Citizens Movement and People’s Action Movement on his governance on Friday, April 22, 2022. 

In his reply, PM Harris condemned both the leaders such as Shawn K Richards and Mark Brantley. He called them confused and frightened over the vibrancy of the people’s Labour Party (PLP)

The reply of PM Harris comes after a day when CCM, PAM, writes their no-confidence motion of Prime Minister of Federation to Governor-General. In the letter, they stated that 6 MPs showed their disapproval of PM Harris and relied on the governor-general to assure immediate action. 

While writing a letter to CCM, PAM, PM Harris condemned the leaders’ named Deputy PM Shawn K Richards and Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley

He further expressed his disappointment that the demands of CCM, PAM comes at the time when the Federation is mourning the late Ambassador Vance Amory. 

PM Harris noted,”I must say that I am deeply saddened that your latest demand comes at a most unfortunate time when we mourn the passing of our Colleague and friend, His Excellency Ambassador Vance Amory, former Senior Minister in the Federal Cabinet, former Premier of the Island of Nevis.”

He also stated that these differnces are no being put forward following the December 2021 annual debate on the Appropriations Bill 2022, the Budget Debate, in which all members on the Government Benches spoke in glowing terms of (i) the outstanding performance of our Team Unity Administration during 2021 and (ii) the plans and programmes that our Government put forward for this year and beyond. 

PM Harris stated that Ambassador Amory was a Founding Member and former Political Leader, for some 30 years, of the Concerned Citizens Movement, the political Party which Minister Brantley now has the honour to lead. “Ambassador Amory was also a Founding father of Team Unity and his wise counsel and sterling leadership are sorely needed at this particular time,”he added. 

While expressing his deep sadness, he said that it is a time of deep sorrow for all Kittitians and Nevisians, but in particular, all Nevisians, who will be reflecting on the contributions of their former leader to public welfare and public upliftment. 

Condemning both the leaders of PAM, CCM, Prime Minister Timothy Harris said, “Gentlemen, your letter dated April 16, 2022, is in very poor taste. It is disrespectful, filled with contradictions, untruths, bad faith, and a naked lack of understanding of the very system of governance in which you have actively participated for the last seven years.”

He also exclaimed that Mark Brantley and Shwan Richards have ignored the most critical document guiding the rule of law, good governance and government operations is the Constitution of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. The Constitution is the supreme law of St. Christopher and Nevis and if any other law is inconsistent with the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail and the other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void. 

“None of us in St. Christopher and Nevis is above the law, and I expect that both of you, gentlemen, accept the supremacy of the Constitution as the guiding light of our democracy,” underscored PM Harris. 

 Take for example the matter of Trust. You, Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the contrary, undermined the trust you asked the public to place in the Team Unity Government when you launched a power grab/palace coup to dislodge me as the Constitutionally appointed 

He said that that how excellent has been his service as Prime Minister; how Nevis has had its best relationship with St. Kitts under his leadership; and how much you supported his leadership.

“You both seem not to understand that appointments to the office of minister and the allocation of portfolios assigning responsibility for any business of the Government are made, under the Constitution, by His Excellency the Governor-General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister,” he said. 

Further statement of Prime Minister Harris: 

When you, Minister Brantley, preside over a regular weekly radio show, what is this obsession with social media? You must appreciate that in a democracy social media provides a means for popular participation of citizens and residents. Regrettably, it is often times used irresponsibly by persons including you. I reject the request that I become involved in policing social media and fake profiles.

I invite you to lead by example to discourage your supporters and friends who spew vitriol on social media.

Your reference to undermining the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) is a figment of your imagination and requires no response except a denial.

There has never been any agreement by my Party to restrict itself to only two constituencies, No 3 and No 7, in St. Kitts. Many people will remember that you, Minister Richards, publicly endorsed and encouraged the build out of thePeople’ss Labour Party in the speech that you delivered, streamed live, at the 2nd Convention of the People Labour Party in 2018. In case you have forgotten, this is part of what you said: “”PLP Family…, PLP Family…, Good afternoon. Of course, I recognize the protocols. 

You both seem to be confused and frightened over the vibrancy of the people’s Labour Party (PLP). For the record, we are and have been a vibrant people-centred national party with formal structures in all constituencies in St Kitts. These structures facilitated the victory of Team Unity of 2015 and again in 2020. Where the people’s Action Movement (PAM) was weak, PLP working with them made them strong hence the revival of PAM after 20 years in the wilderness.

This afternoon, I bring greetings on behalf of the Peoples Action Movement. This afternoon, thePeople’ss Action Movement congratulates the PLP on its 2nd Annual Convention. 

The fact is that when we look around the Caribbean region, most islands are dominated by 2 major political parties. During many elections, we see 3rd and 4th political parties coming into being but they come into being for a General Election and generally they do not last, disappearing after an election.

This afternoon, we are here witnessing the 2nd Convention of the PLP and that says to me that the PLP is growing and for that we must congratulate the PLP. The truth is that as individuals we all strive for growth in our lives whether financially, educationally, health- wise. We look at our children…we all want them to grow, and as we grow and develop personally, we are empowered to ensure that others are also able to grow and to develop.

The growth and development of the PLP is therefore significant because it means that the PLP is not only able to empower its own people, but more importantly, the growth and development of the PLP is significant to the growth and development of Team Unity. More importantly, as I said, the growth of PLP and Team Unity is important to the growth and development of you the people of St. Kitts and Nevis”. 


Anglina Byron

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