PM Gaston Browne joins well known faces at funeral of artist Ricardo Drue

Funeral of Ricardo Drue attended by well-known faces including PM Gaston Browne and Culture Minister at Holy Family Cathedral on Tuesday.

Popular personalities attended funeral of artist Ricardo Drue. Image Credit: Facebook, Boomchampionstt
Popular personalities attended funeral of artist Ricardo Drue. Image Credit: Facebook, Boomchampionstt

Antigua and Barbuda: The funeral of the famous musical artist of the Caribbean, Ricardo Drue, was attended by many celebrities and well-known faces of the Caribbean, including Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Culture Minister Daryll Matthew, with family, friends and fans at the Holy Family Cathedral on Tuesday, 9 January.

Ricardo Robert Barriteau Drue, who was popularly known as Ricardo Drue, was born on 31 July 1985. The artist became famous in the field of music, especially for his tracks like Professional and Toxic Love.

The artist died at the age of 38 at the end of last year on 12 December 2023 in Saint John’s, the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda. The reason behind the sudden death of the artist is still undisclosed to the public.

At the funeral of the artist, personalities from all over the region visited the Holy Family Cathedral to remember the memories of Drue and to pray together for him.

Famous people from around the Caribbean joined the family, and fans like Teddyson John, Destra Garcia, Asa Banton, King Bubba, DJ Barrie Hype, Skinny Fabulous, and many more.

Patrice Roberts, who was his fiancee, also attended the gathering with other artists of Antigua like Menace, Tian Winter, Drastic, Claudette Peters, etc.

The special appearance at the gathering was Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, with the cultural minister of the nation, Daryll Matthew.

The presence of the PM in the gathering highlighted the incident of the death of a young artist and how big a loss it was for the nation and the people of the country.

PM Browne said in the gathering, “He was an emerging talent who commanded applause and appreciation around the country and in the Caribbean, including the home of his mother, Trinidad and Tobago.”

He mentioned, “Everyone from child to adult of Antigua and Barbuda loved this talented artist, and possibly he was going to have an extraordinary future. The government is standing in solidarity with his family, friends and fans.”

In the gathering, friends and fellow of the deceased artist also shared their heartwarming words in the tribute.

Teddyson John was filled with sorrow while talking about the Drue; he talked about the unpredictability of life and asked everyone to keep in touch with their loved ones and spend meaningful time.

Karim Harrigan said about Drue that he was a short man, what people see, but he was always a giant on the stage while performing.

King Bubba, who was an old friend of Drue, mentioned their time together and their works. He talked about how talented Drue was and said that he would always keep his legacy alive.

Skinny Fabulous suffered a lot while sharing memories of his friend. Anyhow, he mentioned how great a personality Drue was, full of empathy, support and care. He stood when nothing was expected. He quoted last words of Drue to him “Thank you very much.”

Drue’s family also shared their memories with him and what was his value in their lives. His sons shared how much influence he was having in their lives. He was used to give them great motivation before their basketball games and in many more important moments.

Nicholas Quinn, his brother, mentioned their childhood and what kind of special bond they have always shared.

Nicola Barriteau, his mother, shared his entire life in the gathering and how he was. She said he was always determined and looked forward. He always used to surprise everyone.

She also mentioned how he used to act like famous artists such as Michael Jackson and Machel Montano, using a spoon as a mic and family as his audience.

People of the nation and fans are also very sad after the loss of their favourite star and saying that they lost a great artist.