PM Allen takes various steps for well being of St Lucia

PM Allen
PM Allen

St Lucia: Prime Minister of St Lucia informed that The Ministry of Health & Wellness continues to work towards improving our COVID-19 Response. Beginning, surveillance of persons on home quarantine will be monitored through the introduction of innovative technology.

PM said,” The two electronic monitoring devices, Bio Intellisense BioButton and Amber wristwatch, is expected to come on stream.”

PM Allen added, “BioButton is a disposable, one-time-use body sensor about the size of a quarter, designed to be worn on the left side of the chest. It is small and unnoticeable. It monitors the vitals of quarantined persons who may be at high risk for developing COVID-19. Provides continuous temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate measurements to the user. In so doing, it enables the early detection of a potential case.”

Its geofencing capability ensures that persons wearing the device remain within their home’s confines as per home quarantine protocols. It also allows for the monitoring of the vitals of the quarantined individual. This means that should persons improve symptoms during their quarantine period, the Ministry of Health would detect this.

Through improved monitoring, this device will aid in the nation’s COVID-19 response plan by limiting the spread of the disease, as it helps to ensure that persons remain at home during their quarantine period.

PM pointed out, “The BioButton will cost USD 100 for 14 day period, and the Amber wristwatch will cost $37.50 for 5 to 7 days rental and USD 75 for the 14-day rental.”

Pearl, a resident of said,” To God be the Glory. Together we’ll get there if we work together. Thank you, PM Allen Chastanet, CMO, Ministry of Health Team, and all involved. It is well.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Allen shared some photos from the completion of yet another community road rehabilitation project in the constituency of Gros Islet. 

He said, “Spider promised you better roads, and as a team, we remain resolute that we will continue to work and deliver for you.”

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