PM Allen supports the move to extend State of Emergency in St Lucia

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia- Allen Chastanet, has supported the move to extend Saint Lucia’s current state of emergency - SOE by five months.

St Lucia: The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia– Allen Chastanet, has supported the move to extend Saint Lucia’s current state of emergency – SOE by five months.

While interacting with the reporters, PM stated, “The state of emergency- SOE is needed to be the legislative tool to allow us to impose a curfew system. All the other protocols are under the COVID Act.”

He addressed the reporters on 4 May 2021, Tuesday, as he arrived at the parliament where the SOE motion was down for the consideration.

Adding to the statement, PM asserted, “The state of emergency is only being used to regulate the curfew times and without the SOE-state of emergency, the authorities would be helpless to implement curfew times.”

“The curfew times along with the economic activity are the two things that we are trying to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control. The view so far the authorities have been doing a relatively good job,”- PM stated.

He added that I think that most people would agree to me that the 9 O’ clock curfew has been working out nearly well. Besides this, he also acknowledged that it’s not fitting for some restaurants and bars.

PM further told the reporters that “In terms to keep COVID-19 cases under control and to allow the economy to turn over and allowing people to keep their businesses open, it has been ideal in that regard.”

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer which advises the Command Centre has decided the curfew. The command centre further passed the information to the Cabinet.

“If the protocols are going to change, at first the recommendation is made for them to be changed, it is then brought to NEMAC, which is the wider body, and there is a thorough discussion of the proposed protocols and then they’re implemented and right now, the recommendation is that we do not change any of the protocols,”- PM cited.

PM Chastanet concluded his statement and declared, “The current state of emergency terminates on May 16. It is much easier to cancel the emergency than implement it and It takes parliament to give the authority of a state of emergency.”

“But if the government, once decides that it don’t need a state of emergency, meaning what we don’t need to have curfews in place anymore, then we simply have to issue an SI (Statutory Instrument) and curfew will be suspended.”