PAM Minister Eugene Hamilton says he would not win Constituency 8 at this time

He stated that if general elections would take place at this time, then no PAM candidate (including Hamilton) would win at Constituency 8.

PAM Minister Eugene Hamilton
PAM Minister Eugene Hamilton

St Kitts and Nevis: Minister of Community and Social Development and PAM Member Parliament from Constituency 8 – Eugene Hamilton has written a letter of ‘concerns’ to his “dear brother Shawn Richards” amid the political turmoil in the twin-island Federation.

In the letter, Hamilton outweighed and gave up without a fight. He stated that if general elections would take place at this time, then no PAM candidate (including Hamilton) would win at Constituency 8.

He further effectively made an excuse and stated that Jonel Powell, representative of PAM from Constituency 2; Lindsey Grant, representative of PAM from Constituency 4, have been expressing trepidation about their winning seat. He stated, “I expected these both leaders to be most optimistic about their constituencies than others and if they are uncertain than on ground the situation might be worst than they think.”

He also showed his ‘fears’ and mentioned that he had told everyone about where he stands; no PAM candidate would win at Constituency 8 at any cost. Which means constituency 8 is in favour of leader St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party(SKNLP), Dr Terrance Drew.

Hamilton added that if Lindsay and Jonel are not sure about their seats, then PAM would bag only one seat, which is Constituency 5 – Shawn Richards’ seat. He said that “only one seat” would be tantamount to driving a harpoon through the heart of PAM to which he has given his life.

While exaggerating his care towards the political party, Hamilton outlined that he is not able to understand Richards’ plan and would have been happy to be there tonight to get a better understanding to allay his fears.

Furthermore, he pretended and raised regard about politicians’ behaviours as well as actions viewed by a mixed audience. Therefore, we must plan out actions by keeping how the strategies are being employed and what will be the fallout of such strategies when analyzed by the total audience in mind.

“Audience will very rationally analyze our performance and at the end of the day make a big difference one way or the other; depending on how they interpret our performance,” Hamilton stated in the letter.

Hamilton used the letter to highlight the two critical issues for me to contemplate, and the third issue emerged from a later conversation among the persons present.

He characterized the issues and wrote –

– Whether I would accept the position as Prime Minister as an interim measure
– Whether I would join my six other elected colleagues in signing an instrument to the GG apprising him that we support another to serve as PM in place of Tim Harris in whom we have lost confidence
– The issue that evolved was “Whether I would join all of six elected members in signing a resignation from Cabinet.”

The leader further provided ‘answers’ to that questions, which weren’t in support of Shawn Richards and PAM; this shows that Hamilton has been trying to shun the political party during such crucial times in St Kitts and Nevis.

While responding, Hamilton stated, “The question outlined in the first issue assumes that the GG could replace the PM based on letters written to him by sitting parliamentarians. I am not familiar with any supporting legislation that provides that option to the GG.”

“If the question assumes that the PM would resign without seeking the dissolution of parliament, I don’t believe that he would ever do so, and I don’t believe that you have advanced a case for him to do so. Your question would only be relevant if he were to resign without the dissolution of parliament. Therefore, given my previous statement, this matter should not even be contemplated under the circumstances,” the minister added.

Furthermore, he said while elaborating his point on the second ‘issue,’ “The second question is negatived by my belief that the GG does not have that option available to him. Any such letter may only serve as pressure, but our history has shown that it could bring no result without a MONC.”

He added, “On the question of whether or not the GG can unseat the PM based on a simple extra-Parliamentary approach from anyone, such a development can be described as a palace coup. Indeed, there is a well-respected convention that Her Majesty does not INTERFERE, INTERVENE, nor INTERCEDE in political wrangling and machinations at the level of those vying for power outside of any parliamentary platform.”

“The third question of resigning from Cabinet is one which I will not contemplate based on the information available to me and advanced by you so far. It does nothing to preserve the livelihood of those who will be exposed to adverse outcomes. I speak about all of the PAM dominated Boards where some derive their only income like Dorita; I speak about those hundreds if not thousands who are employed and are in vulnerable disposition and can be easily removed; I speak about those who have financial commitment and could have their life disrupted, and the list goes on and on,” he said while pointing out the errors in the third question.

Instead of behaving like a good fellow and supporter, Hamilton decided to quit without strongly contesting in the general elections. He didn’t support the leaders and chose to explain the so-called consequences.

He must have stood firm in the hard times like a good friend rather than saying, “Elections at the current time would be a death sentence on PAM”.