PAHO: Jamaica in list of 4 member countries getting 1.3 million doses.

PAHO to enhance the virus surveillance in member countries
PAHO to enhance the virus surveillance in member countries

Jamaica is listed in the four-member countries of PAHO, those will be getting the benefit of 1.3 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine doses would be donated by the different countries that will include the United States, Canada, Germany and Spain.

PAHO’s Director, Dr Carissa Etienne, Set that the doses of the covid-19 vaccine that would be donated will be used to boost the vaccination drive in the countries like Guyana, Argentina, Honduras and Jamaica.


The statement by the Director of PAHO states that the organisation has been supporting the countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Jamaica to fulfil the basic needs and preparations for the receiving of the shipment that is being sent by the World Health organisation and COVAX facility. The bilateral arrangements have grabbed some other donations.

These undertakings are included in the parts of the effort that is making for assisting the regional countries in meeting the percentage that has been set by the World Health organisation of the global vaccination target. 40% target has been set of the global vaccination for every country till the end of this year. This statement has been given by the Director.

Dr Etienne further highlighted that more than 29 countries and their territories that are located across the Americas had been given a mark of 40% vaccination and more of their population to fight with coronavirus pandemic.

Adding more, she said that 39% population of Latin America and the Caribbean region had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Dr. Etienne indicated that countries like Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Haiti in the Caribbean, and Guatemala and Nicaragua in Central America, have yet to vaccinate 20 per cent of their populations.