Over 400 local economic initiatives benefited from business support services

Jamaica: The Jamaican government informed that under the Local Economic Development Support Programme, in total, 404 local economic initiatives (LEIs) have benefited from business support services provided.

This has employed jobs to more than 1,659 people, inclusive of 189 youth.

The government noted that out of the people who got employment, around 840 had gained full-time employment; 542 were employed part-time, while 277 were engaged seasonally.

This is included in the Planning Institute of Jamaica’s 2020 Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2020, which was tabled in the – House of Representatives latterly. It further noted that around 52 capacity-building training sessions were also operated with over 398 community members and grassroots entrepreneurs and 96 civil society organisations/LEIs.

These training sessions included – business idea development, management principles & entrepreneurship, costing and pricing, business registration, social media marketing, product development, financial planning, basic bookkeeping, and packaging and labelling.

The government further informed that approximately $3.8 million in funding assistance was also provided for six project proposals. The grants were obtained through the Digicel Foundation, Tourism Enhancement Fund and Tourism Product Development Company. In the meantime, a total of sixty-two business fairs were held, twenty of which took place between the months of – January and March 2020. 

The survey further outlined that “This change saw the business fair concept being merged with a farmers’ market component, and forty-two community market and business fairs were held in 32 communities islandwide.” 

The participants involved were – 326 grassroots community enterprises, 440 farmers, 111 vendors and 25 distributors, with earnings generated totalling just under $66 million. 

In addition, On Sunday, the Jamaica Tourist Board has welcomed its millionth visitor at the Sangster International Airport to the island since it opened its borders for travellers in June 2020. The Millionth visitor to Jamaica – Daynel Williams, arrived on JetBlue flight 1179 from New York.